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IMPORTANT: The Connect site has been decomissioned, but we still want your feedback! 


We love feedback so much that we're now letting you tell us about potential defects through the Feedback Hub app built-in to Windows 10.

When you Add new feedback in Windows Feedback Hub, be sure to select the Enterprise Management category and then choose from one of the following subcategories:

  • Configuration Manager Client
  • Configuration Manager Console
  • Configuration Manager OS Deployment
  • Configuration Manager Server

Feedback Hub is the place to go for bug filing, and please continue to use our UserVoice page to share and vote on ideas about new features in Configuration Manager. Thanks! 




Thank you for your continued engagement! 


Q: Can I still see the bugs I filed on Connect in Feedback hub or anywhere else?

A: No. Unfortunately, due to the systems we use, we were not able to preserver the customer-side experience you had in Connect and replicate that in any other tool. Please be assured that your bugs still exists in our bug database, even though you no longer have visibility to their status.


Q: Can I see the status of my bug when I file it in Feedback Hub?

A: Yes, the product team has the option to provide comments and status updates, but may not reply on every bug.