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Persist View Settings by F Kohan



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Type: Suggestion
ID: 665775
Opened: 4/29/2011 7:46:40 AM
Access Restriction: Public
Moderator Decision: Sent to Engineering Team for consideration
Duplicates: 759830


Persist the user's selected view settings, such as the number of items per page, across sessions. Many users prefer to view more than the default amount of 10 items per page and find that they must reset their settings every time they login to Connect.
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Posted by Rick Manning [MSFT] on 9/21/2012 at 2:01 PM

You ask "And what specific settings are the most important to persist?"

My answer would be: Please, at the very least, save enough state so that I when I click on a Feedback item and hit the "Back" button, I'm still in the same place in the list of bugs. I believe my place in the list is a function of
- Items per page,
- Current page,
- Filters,
- Sort order, and
- Bugs vs. suggestions.

If the site can't "remember" all of those, then I think it's impossible for the site to "remember" what page of my results I was on. If that's not an option, then at least remembering Bugs vs. Suggestions and Filters would be nice, so at least the site can remember the set of bugs I was looking at, if not their order and my position in that set.
Posted by hyperion1is on 6/30/2011 at 6:53 PM
It is annoying to me also.
For me for the Product feedback page it is more important to persist.
Posted by Microsoft on 6/14/2011 at 8:55 AM
Thanks Typhoon87/F Kohan.
So is it mainly on the feedback search page (e.g., https://connect.microsoft.com/Connect/SearchResults.aspx?sortOrder=5&status=1&tabView=0), or is it also on the PRoduct Feedback page (e.g., https://connect.microsoft.com/Connect/Feedback)? And what specific settings are the most important to persist (i.e., which are the most annoying)?
On search page - item per page; filters; sort order, bugs vs suggestions
Feedback page - items per page, default tab, sort orders, bugs vs suggestions;
Posted by Typhoon87 on 5/2/2011 at 1:40 PM
I had this same reqest that was closed as a wont fix. I dont mind the setting not saving if I log out of the site, but within my same session it should remember my choice.

Link to my original bug:
Posted by jonblauch [Feedback Moderator] on 5/2/2011 at 8:51 AM
We know this is a bad user experience. This is not something that can be changed across the site with one update.What experiences should we focus on first?
Jon ( Msft)
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