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Make Feedback Easier to User by Mike Lupro - MCP



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Type: Suggestion
ID: 791592
Opened: 6/28/2013 7:14:12 AM
Access Restriction: Public


I review suggestions once or twice a month. I TRY to log in and take a look at the Microsoft Dynamics GP Suggestion Site once a week but the reality is once or twice a month.

When there are a LOT of new suggestions the default listing of 10/15/50/100 on the display page always returns to 10. When there are a LOT of suggestions I regularly set the number of items on a page to 25 (or 50 maybe after a vacation).

I would like the feedback page to REMEMBER my setting and display the same number of items on a page as were set from the last presented view.

Otherwise I have to click 25 and when I review an item the display results defaults back to 10, then I set it back to 25 to get a list of 25, and after reviewing, commenting or voting, the screen returns back to a listing of 10, repeat 25 times, or 50 times and it makes reviewing much harder than it should be.

Another cool thing would be to display only items that you've NOT reviewed or commented on. That would further narrow the list of suggestions to review, comment, or vote for.

And finally, it would be GREAT if the first page remembered my 10/25/50 setting AND it returned to the place in the list where I last elected to look at and/or respond to a suggestion. Currently the window returns to the TOP of all the suggestions and then I have to scroll back down to the place where I left off. I'd much prefer to look into Item 10, vote or comment, and then return to Item 10 in the list so I can more easily scroll down and continue with Item 11.

Thanks for listening.
Long time user,
Mike Lupro
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