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Type: Suggestion
ID: 808766
Opened: 11/16/2013 8:29:26 PM
Access Restriction: Public


Since Connect appears to be relatively new I will submit this idea to hopefully increase the efficiency of or otherwise modify the way in which resources are being expended on it. I think it would be useful to assign a single day out of a span of time appropriate to the size of the team [one week to one month] to each project member to pursue, individually, any and all ideas, investigations or fixes related to the project, and this un-hampered by project guidelines and un-regulated by immediate or second tier seniority guidance.

I myself have discovered that never having time or worse never being granted time to pursue individual ideas not only breaks apart individual motivation but also damages the quality of the end product [to an unknown extent] for no reasonable or warranted gain in resource efficiency. One day or more specified to chase project related dreams would be welcome among all tiers and types of leadership, I assume, and I'm sure such a structure is required for many. Resulting product from these sessions would be subject to timely review up through some level of project management [appropriate to the environment].

Also, on the calculating side, activity like this [suggested or required] would make discernible not only those who are capable of much greater output given appropriate input, tools and bandwidth but also those who are suffering production problems due to work related fatigue or some other prevailing issue in life - which clearly must be resolved, mitigated or excised.

I think its a reasonable idea, per guidelines on this site please vote yea or post related or improved material if you agree.
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