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Use Microsoft Connect for all Microsoft services by caseypenk



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Type: Suggestion
ID: 816995
Opened: 2/8/2014 3:47:51 PM
Access Restriction: Public


I suggest that Microsoft Connect be used to gather feedback for all Microsoft services. It's an efficient, centralized forum that can be used for everything from Bing News to Outlook.com to SkyDrive. I realize that centralizing feedback is a large decision and one that requires the cooperation of many groups. It also affects the way Microsoft operates on a company-wide scale. As such I suggest this feedback for consideration at higher levels of management. Teams can migrate individually until eventually every team has moved over.

Here are the major reasons I find centralization of feedback in Microsoft Connect to be valuable:

Reduces duplication of feedback: Instead of multiple users each submitting the same feedback, they can vote on one single submission. Allows for better aggregation of feedback.

Enhances consistency: The user will have a consistent method and location of leaving feedback, reducing the preponderance of different feedback forms (each of which has its own design, features, and entry point). Also allows power users to leave a large amount of feedback in one centralized place without having to hop between different services. A consistent experience emphasizes to the user the idea of One Microsoft.

Increases user engagement: Would increase the amount of feedback between the developers and the users. Users could see how their feedback translated into actionable results, increasing satisfaction.

Encourages collaboration: Allows product teams to work with one another on feedback that spans different products or services (for example, integration between SkyDrive and Microsoft Word 2013). By its very nature, a centralized forum also emphasizes the idea of One Microsoft.

Reduces overhead: By centralizing feedback collection in one place, individual product teams can focus more on solving problems than designing different systems to collect feedback. Integration with Team Foundation Server would allow every team to quickly and easily integrate online customer feedback with their existing bug tracking routines, rather than having to engineer a custom solution.

Thank you for your consideration.
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