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Hi. Today I noticed some programs that hosts IE and use the ActiveX installation to install libraries and ActiveX controls in the system using CAB archives are prompting to install the CAB. This never…
Created on 10/17/2014 (updated 29 weeks ago) | 0 validations | 0 workarounds | 7 comments | feedback id: 1004327  | 
When Microsoft Office (any version) is installed, it adds a context menu called "Edit" to HTML and MHTML files, so that when this menu option is clicked, Microsoft Word (by default) opens the HTML or …
Created on 10/14/2014 (updated 31 weeks ago) | 0 validations | 0 workarounds | 4 comments | feedback id: 1001457  | 
I have a document with an embedded Webbrowser ActiveX control. When you double click the area that displays it, a website is displayed inside Wordpad. (on Microsoft Word, you need to accept that yello…
Created on 3/18/2014 (updated 30 weeks ago) | 0 validations | 0 workarounds | 2 comments | feedback id: 836100  | 
as Won't Fix Help for as Won't Fix
When you install another webbrowser and make it default, IE 10 (and possibly 9 and 11) will ask if you wish to make it your default browser next time you open it. Supposing you click "yes", it will b…
Created on 7/8/2013 (updated 30 weeks ago) | 0 validations | 0 workarounds | 1 comment | feedback id: 793136  | 
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