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"Find on this page" (aka Ctrl+F) in Internet Explorer does not always find all occurrences of a word, for example if the page uses Unicode combining characters (e.g. normalization form D) whereas the …
Created on 1/22/2014 (updated 57 weeks ago) | 0 validations | 0 workarounds | 5 comments | feedback id: 814377  | 
While the current security model, based on Certification Authorities (CA), has worked well enough, it has well-known flaws (far too many CAs to ensure that all are reliable). DNS-based Authentication…
Created on 8/9/2013 (updated 54 weeks ago) | 1 validation | 0 workarounds | 2 comments | feedback id: 796880  | 
Perfect forward secrecy (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Perfect_forward_secrecy) is a desirable property for encrypted communication. While TLS includes some ciphers that have Perfect forward secrecy (…
Created on 8/9/2013 (updated 27 weeks ago) | 2 validations | 0 workarounds | 3 comments | feedback id: 796877  | 
If an SVG file references a marker in an external file, the marker is not shown. The debugging tools show that the external file is not read.
Created on 3/22/2013 (updated 130 weeks ago) | 0 validations | 1 workaround | 2 comments | feedback id: 781965  | 
as Won't Fix Help for as Won't Fix
If an SVG element (e.g. <polyline>) has a marker-end and is moved by setting the points attribute from javascript (with setAttribute), the marker is left at the old position. (See attached file for ex…
Created on 3/22/2013 (updated 3 weeks ago) | 17 validations | 1 workaround | 15 comments | feedback id: 781964  | 
as Won't Fix Help for as Won't Fix
API to read the favorites *in order* - by Lionel Fourquaux
It is quite easy to read IE's favorites, since they are stored as a directory structure. However, no API is provided to retrieve the order of these favorites. This order is stored as binary data in …
Created on 5/26/2012 (updated 182 weeks ago) | 0 validations | 2 workarounds | 1 comment | feedback id: 744217  | 
as By Design Help for as By Design
Slow line drawing on <canvas> - by Lionel Fourquaux
Drawing a large number of lines using <canvas> is much slower in IE 10 than in Chrome. (See attached file e8nowebgl.html for an example). References: http://www.madore.org/~david/weblog/2012-01.html#…
Created on 3/2/2012 (updated 173 weeks ago) | 0 validations | 0 workarounds | 2 comments | feedback id: 727947  | 
as Fixed Help for as Fixed
Internet Explorer's setup procedure (both inside Windows setup and for upgrades) creates RunOnce entries under HKLM. Theses do not run successfully until an administrator logs in interactively, which…
Created on 7/23/2011 (updated 195 weeks ago) | 0 validations | 0 workarounds | 2 comments | feedback id: 680563  | 
as Fixed Help for as Fixed
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