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Links with <BR> tags jump when clicked by illandril


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Type: Bug
ID: 786929
Opened: 5/14/2013 2:30:39 PM
Access Restriction: Public
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If a link starts with a <BR> tag, then <BR> tag is hidden when clicking on the link, making the link exceptionally difficult to actually click on.
This happens using the HTML 4.01 Transitional doctype, in IE8, IE9, IE10 modes (it does not happen in IE7 or IE10 compatibility view).

For example, if you have this HTML:
<a href="/somewhere"><br>Click here</a>

Clicking on "Click here" will cause the "Click here" text to move as if the <br> tag did not exist. This causes the cursor to no longer be over the link, so releasing the mouse button will not follow the link.
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Posted by Microsoft on 6/28/2013 at 4:56 PM
Thank you for your feedback.

We have released a new preview version of Internet Explorer which is included with Windows 8.1 available from the following location: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-8/preview
During our testing we are no longer able to reproduce the issue using Internet Explorer 11 please verify you are still experiencing the reported problem in this new release. If the issue continues please reopen this connect feedback item and provide additional details that will help us continue our investigation. We welcome your feedback, please send us additional comments so that we can investigate further.

Best regards,

The Internet Explorer Team
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