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The following are the most common issues our customers are reporting about Programs. Please review the list for an answer to your question.



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Program Participation Help

In this section you will find help with programs you are participating in.   This includes how to decline participation, apply for other programs, invitationID help and how to contact the product team directly.



Program Help
Product Key Help
FTM and Download Help
Feedback Help
Invitation ID Help
Newsgroup Help
Survey Help



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Program Help

I need to contact the product team for the program I am participating in.

To contact the product team regarding a program you are participating in, please click the button below.



 I am having problems applying for a program.

If you run into problems applying for or nominating yourself for a program on http://connect.microsoft.com, please click here to report the problem.

I would like to participate in a program.

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for a product, please go to the Product Directory.  To begin the application process, click on the Apply link of the product you are interested in beta testing. You may need to sign in to see if the Connection is available to apply for.

Please Note: If a program is not listed in the Product Directory or has no Apply link next to it, it is currently not accepting new customers.  Please check back, as new programs are frequently added.

Due to the volume of requests received, you will only be contacted if you are chosen to participate.


How do I find programs that are accepting participants?

To find programs that are accepting participants, you can browse the options listed on the Product Directory.  On this page, you can find a list of programs that are accepting or will be accepting nominations for participation.  Signing in with your Windows LiveID will give you more options.  Find the program, and then click Apply to request to participate. 

What do the different statuses in the Activity section on the the Dashboard page mean?

When a customer requests to participate in a program, his or her current participation status can differ based on the program requirements.  The following are the statuses that can be displayed on the Product Directory:

  • EnrolledYou are an active participant in the program.
  • Invited (take survey) - You have applied for a program but must complete a survey to participate in it. You will see a Take Survey hyperlink next to your status.
  • Invited (accept invitation) - You have been invited to join a program. Click Accept Invitation to join the program.
  • Not Accepted - You were not approved for participation in the program.
  • Pending - You have applied to join a program, but the program administrator must manually approve your request before you can participate in it. Depending on how the program is being run, you may or may not be approved.
  • Tracking - You have added a Connection from the Connection Directory to Your Dashboard.
  • Submitter - As a registered user, you can submit feedback on this Connection.
  • Viewer - As a registered user, you have limited access to the Connection.
  • None - You are not a member of the program, but may apply for consideration and possible participation. You will see an Apply hyperlink next to your status.


I would like to be removed from a program or Microsoft Connect.

 If you would like to be removed from a program you are participating in, you can click on Quit next to the program on the Product Directory.


Product Key Help

How do I find the product keys that are required for a downloaded product or application?

To locate the product keys that you need to activate or use downloaded products, go to the Connection from which you downloaded the product and click Product Keys in the left navigation area of the page. A new page appears which lists all of the product keys you have requested in the past and also allows you to request new product keys, if any are available.


File Transfer Manager (FTM) and Download Help

What is Microsoft File Transfer Manager (FTM)?

Microsoft File Transfer Manager (FTM) is a client-side application whose purpose is to provide secure and guaranteed delivery when downloading or uploading large files over the Internet. Users requesting downloads from Microsoft Connect must have FTM installed.

Internet Explorer is not the Browser I am using.

You must have the Microsoft File Transfer Manager (FTM) installed in order to download files. Microsoft Internet Explorer users are automatically asked if they would like to install FTM the first time they request a download. Netscape and Firefox users must go to the Microsoft File Transfer Manager page and install FTM for their first download.

File Transfer Manager (FTM) requires Active X Controls to be enabled.

File Transfer Manager (used for downloading and uploading files) requires an ActiveX control to be installed on your computer the first time you use it. If you are running Windows XP SP2, this download will be blocked and you will have to click on the information message just below the Address URL line to install this control before FTM will work. This control is not a security risk and will not harm your computer.

You must be the Administrator or a member of the Administrators group to install ActiveX controls. Please make sure that you are logged into your computer with administrative permissions. Some corporate networks block Active X Controls.

File Transfer Manager (FTM) will not launch.

You must have the Microsoft File Transfer Manager (FTM) installed in order to download files. Microsoft Internet Explorer users are automatically asked if they would like to install FTM the first time they request a download.

I am receiving an ASPX error message or IE6 will not launch File Transfer Manager (FTM) on a 64-bit operating system.

Currently, the Microsoft File Transfer Manager (FTM) functionality on MS Connect does not work from a 64-bit Internet Explorer browser. To work around this on an x64 machine, use the 32-bit Internet Explorer browser (e.g., C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe).

File Transfer Manager (FTM) is not working and I am receiving an Active X error.

If you have downloaded an upgrade to FTM 5.0 you will need to uninstall FTM 4.0 and re-install FTM 5.0.

I’m Unable to download a single file via http://.  

The default security setting for IE is medium-high.  Check to see that it is not set to high.  If so, reset security back to the IE defaults.  


Feedback Help


I am unable to access the feedback I submitted.

It is possible that you will need to be signed in to http://connect.microsoft.com with your Windows Live ID in order to access the feedback you have submitted.

You may not have access to view feedback if you obtained your program from a public site (a site other than Microsoft Connect).

What do the various feedback resolutions mean?

Feedback submitted to Microsoft is resolved with one of the following resolutions:

  • Fixed - The code has been changed to resolve the problem.
  • Not Reproducible - Our engineers are unable to duplicate the problem, perhaps because of a previously applied fix in the code.
  • By Design - The behavior reported is known and is working as intended or at least as expected.
  • Won't Fix - We know that we will not be addressing the reported issue, usually because it risks breaking the code in other, more serious ways or because the effort to fix the issue is not justified for the improvement.
  • Duplicate - We already have a bug or suggestion for this issue.
  • Postponed - The issue will not be fixed in the upcoming release, but will be considered for future releases.
  • External - The issue has been assigned to another group, but the other group's status for the issue is not available to our database.

Who can view information in feedback I've entered as Private?

For connections that have the feedback viewing feature activated, you will be able to view your own feedback. In addition, the program administrator for the connection can allow additional people to view feedback marked as private. This is normally restricted to Microsoft only, but a program administrator can choose to allow other trusted individuals, such as Microsoft MVPs, to also view feedback. For information about who has access to a connection, and to discuss any concerns, please contact the program administrator.

Who can view information in feedback I've entered as Organization Only?

If a connection has feedback viewing enabled, you can view your own feedback. If you set access restrictions to "Organization Only", other members of your organization can also view feedback. Organizations are defined within security groups by the program administrator. The program administrator may allow additional people to view feedback that is marked as private, which includes Organization Only feedback. Usually, this is restricted to Microsoft employees only, although a program administrator may include appropriately trusted individuals, such as Microsoft MVPs. Contact the program administrator for the connection to find out exactly who has access if you have a particular concern.

How do I add a Feedback item to My Watch List?

Sign in to http://connect.microsoft.com with your Windows Live ID and select your program or site link, select Feedback from the left nav bar. You will see your "Posted By Me" submitted bugs. To add one of your bugs to "My Watch List" click the bug and in the Watchlist box in the voting section click "add to my watchlist". Your bug will now appear in your Watch List.

How can I reactivate my Feedback item?

To reactivate a feedback item on Connect, the feedback owner (the person who filed the feedback item) must navigate to the detail view of the feedback item and then click on the "Edit" button. This will take the user to the original feedback form from which they can then change the status of the feedback item by selecting "Active" in the dropdown list.

If a connection has not enabled this capability, then there may not be any dropdown next to the status label or if there is a dropdown list, the only value will be “Close”.

It is important to note that only the feedback owner can perform this action and that not all connections enable this capability for their customers.


Invitation ID Help

If you receive an error code while attempting to use an invitation ID, please include the invitation ID as well as the error code in your Contact Us submission.

What is an InvitationID?

An InvitationID is a code issued by product teams to offer participation to a program on Microsoft Connect.

How do I get an InvitationID?

InvitationIDs cannot be requested as the product teams issue them to pre-selected participants.  You can find a list of programs available to participate in by going to the Connection Directory on http://connect.microsoft.com and signing in using your Windows Live ID credentials.

I received an error message that my e-mail address is already in use.
You may have already registered your e-mail on Microsoft Connect using a different Windows Live ID account. Multiple accounts registered on http://connect.microsoft.com/ can result in confusion on where to find the connections you are participating in. Please try signing in with a different Windows Live ID account to use your invitation.

I have an invitation ID I need to use.

Go to https://connect.microsoft.com/invitationentry.aspx and enter the InvitationID you have been provided.

I used my invitation ID but I am unable to see my connection.

Your program status may be Pending or you may need to take a survey in order to be accepted.  If your status is Pending, this indicates the program group is reviewing your nomination information and should contact you soon about your status. 

If you see Take Survey next to you connection, you need to complete a survey for that connection.  To do this, please go to http://connect.microsoft.com/, click on Your Dashboard, sign in using your Windows Live ID account.  Then go to the connection you are trying to access and click on Take Survey next to the program name.


My invitation ID is invalid.

You or someone else may have already used the invitation ID issued to you. Once you have used your invitation ID, you will need to sign in to http://connect.microsoft.com/ with your Windows Live ID to access your connection. Try selecting My Participation to view the connection the invitation ID was issued for. If that doesn't work, you may have signed in using the incorrect Windows Live ID account. Please try signing in with a different Windows Live ID account.

My browser language is set to Turkish (Turkey)  [tr-TR] and I am getting an error message when accepting an invitation.

You will need to set your browser language to English as the default in order to accept your invitation.


Newsgroup Help

The only option to view newsgroups is to use the Web view by selecting the Newsgroup link from the left nav bar for your Connection. 


Survey Help

I cannot access a survey.

Some surveys require you to be signed in to your account on http://connect.microsoft.com.  If you are signed in and still do not see the survey, it is possible you are signed in with the wrong Windows Live ID account. 




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