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The following are the most common issues our customers are reporting about the Microsoft Connect Web site. Please review the list for an answer to your question.


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Other Information:

Received a program invitation?  Please click here and enter the InvitationID you have been provided.

If you need general Connect Web site assistance click here.

Received an error message?
Please DO NOT submit a bug if you receive an error message - instead click here to report the error.


General Web Site Help

In this section you will find help with your Connect profile (your registered account), information on where to go for released product support and public beta information.



Connect Profile Help
Public Beta Help
Released Product Help

Didn’t find the help you were looking for?  Try:

Program Participation Help


Product Directory Help

Can't find the answer? Contact Connect Support

Management of Your Connect Profile


I would like to be removed from a program on Microsoft Connect.

If you would like to be removed from a program you are participating in, you can click on Quit from the Product Directory page.

I would like to participate in other Connect programs.

If you would like to participate in other Connect programs, go to 
your Profile and select the "Yes" radio button to the question displayed below.

I would like to be removed from Microsoft Connect.

Please fill out the e-mail Support Form and select Remove Me. Please note that this action will remove you from all programs you are participating in and your registration on Microsoft Connect. Please confirm in your request that you would like to be removed from all programs as well as your registration from Microsoft Connect.

How can I update my personal information on Microsoft Connect?

To update your personal information or preferences, please log onto http://connect.microsoft.com and go to your profile

  • Sign in using your Windows LiveID
  • Select your handle/nickname in the upper right hand corner
  • Update any personal information you want to modify
  • Note: If you update your contact e-mail address, you will receive a confirmation e-mail to that address.  You will need to click on the link in that e-mail to complete the update.
  • Modify your display name if desired and submit the changes

I need to change my Microsoft Connect Display Name.

Follow the steps above for updating your personal information.  The last step allows you to modify your display name.

What do the contact preferences mean?


In the registration process there are three preferences for being contacted.  The first one allows Microsoft to contact you regarding important security, product and event information.  The second one allows third party Microsoft Partners to contact you regarding important security, product and event information.  The third one is the Connect “Opt In” choice which allows other teams at Microsoft to contact you for potential program participation.  Our recommendation is to keep the default settings for these options. 


Public Beta Help on Microsoft.com

How do I get support for my public beta program?

If you have downloaded a public beta from http://www.microsoft.com or a site other than http://connect.microsoft.com, we are unable to offer support.  For assistance please refer to the support available for that product.  Usually your support options can be found in the same place you downloaded the public beta.




Released Product Help on Microsoft.com

How do I get support for my released Microsoft product?

For issues with released Microsoft software, please go to http://support.microsoft.com or call 1-800-MICROSOFT for assistance.




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