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SSRS2012: Scatter chart plots incorrectly after upgrade from 2005 by SAinCA



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Type: Bug
ID: 773707
Opened: 12/6/2012 12:03:46 PM
Access Restriction: Public
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A SSRS2005 scatter chart was upgraded to SSRS2012. Upon execution, all points are shown over a common x-axis position, randomly far right or far left.

The issue:
* In the Chart Data pop-up, the "Category Groups" in the OLD rdl was empty. This is OK as it can be omitted.
* It appears that SSRS2012 REQUIRES "something" in the Category Groups, and thankfully, perhaps because someone realized they needed it for "backward compatibility", there's a "Use Details" option.
* Choose this and the scatter chart works...

* When the conversion code detects an EMPTY Category Group, plug in the "Use Details" choice AUTOMATICALLY.

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Posted by Microsoft on 10/22/2013 at 6:25 PM
Thank you for submitting this feedback. After carefully evaluating all of the bugs in our pipeline, we are closing bugs that we will not fix in the current or future versions of SQL Server. The reasons for closing these bugs are following:
1.     The fix is risky to implement in the current version of the product (service packs)
2.     Scenarios reported in the bug are not common enough
3.     A viable workaround is available
Thanks again for reporting the product issue and continued support in improving our product.

Mariusz Cichomski
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Posted by SAinCA on 12/6/2012 at 12:07 PM
This isn't a "workaround" - it's a "do this to fix"...

As stated in the request, visit the Data Area dialog.
Notice whether the "Category Group" is empty.
If empty, click the green-plus and choose the last option, "Use Details".