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MDS Subscription Views that contains <space>, and longer than 50 characters by Todd C



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Type: Bug
ID: 811999
Opened: 12/19/2013 9:06:59 AM
Access Restriction: Public
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I am using MDS 2012.

We have a LOT of Entities and Derived Hierarchies which must all have Subscription views generated for them. So we wrote a stored procedure that looks at the meta data table to find them and create them programmatically. Now it is a simple matter of re-running this procedure to have ALL entities get their own Leaf Member View, and derived Hierarchies get their own Derived Levels view.

BUT, if a Derived Hierarchy has a space in the name, our sproc borrows that name to be used in the name of the view. So we have subscription views with spaces in their name. Also, we concatenate other things like the Model Name and the Type of view to the actual name, so, in fact, a subscription view may be named: "export_Customers_US Geography_DerivedLevels" Some are even longer.

This raises TWO issues when trying to edit one of them in the web tool:

1) You get an error stating that spaces are not allowed in the names of the subscription view. But wait, I ALREADY HAVE a view with spaces in the name, so how is it NOT allowed? I assume it is not allowed according to the web-front-end tool.

2) The web page tool TRUNCATES the name of the view to the first 50 characters. Even if it has MORE than 50 characters going in, you end up with one that is ONLY 50 characters, PLUS your original. So you now have TWO views! The original may be named "this_view_name_is_really_long_and_contains_a_lot_more_than_fifty_characters_in_its_name" and a second one named "this_view_name_is_really_long_and_contains_a_lot_m". AND, your original view will NOT have been modified.
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