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SSMS is not able to see the total amount of memory allocated for a VM, at the Host computer level. by Azhar Taj



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Type: Bug
ID: 840684
Opened: 3/25/2014 10:52:10 AM
Access Restriction: Public
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In case of SQL server VMs, SQL Server Management Studio is not able to see the total amount of memory "Maximum Memory", set at the Host computer level for the VM in question. This creates problems while configuring the SQL server VM. Normally, we configure SQL server parameter, "Max Server Memory", based upon the total RAM available for the machine. If the total RAM number is incorrect, then we end up assigning the wrong value for "Max Server Memory" for the SQL server. It seems that SSMS sees the current amount of memory available to the VM and not the value it can go up to (this is specially true for VMs using Dynamic Memory). Even in case of Static Memory, SSMS should see the total memory value set aside for that particular VM.
I have attached an example. For this particular VM, "Maximum Memory" is set to 128 GB at the Host computer level. However, SSMS just shows 8 GB for memory, which is actually the value of "Startup Memory", in this case.

NOTE: In the version box below, the only option for SQL 2014 is CTP2. This is actually a problem with SQL 2014 RTM and earlier major released SQL versions.
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