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Version details in SSIS Project Properties in SSDT are not usable by Julie Koesmarno



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Type: Bug
ID: 863762
Opened: 4/29/2014 4:47:11 PM
Access Restriction: Public
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In SSDT (Visual Studio 2012/2010), you can change Version details (VersionBuild, VersionMajor, VersionMinor and VersionComments) in the Project Property Pages via Project > Properties menu.

It seems that:

1. These VersionBuild, VersionMajor, VersionMinor and VersionComments values are not carried through to the deployed project in Integration Services Catalogs in SQL Server 2012.

2. The user interface in SSDT changes some of the Version values in dtproj file for the first time, but never updates them with subsequent changes.

A few more observations relating to dtproj and ispac files:

a. When VersionBuild, VersionMajor, VersionMinor and VersionComments are changed manually in dtproj file, the project does not show the information on the UI at all when it is reopened.

b. The ispac file (inside @Project.manifest) does not copy across the VersionBuild, VersionMajor, VersionMinor and VersionComments values from dtproj

My questions are:

i. Is there a purpose of having these VersionBuild, VersionMajor, VersionMinor and VersionComments fields in the SSIS Project Property pages? Or is there a plan for an upcoming release to make them more "usable"?

ii. There are version_build, version_major, version_minor and version_comments columns in [SSISDB].[internal].[packages]. Where are these values meant to be populated from? Are these meant to be at the "project" level, given that Visual Studio / SSDT allows the user interface access at the project level (albeit not working properly).

iii. If it had been working properly, would you use it? I can see it being very useful from auditing point of view (and for ease of choosing which version to conveniently revert back to, at a pinch).

For further information, please visit http://www.mssqlgirl.com/sql-server-2012-ssis-project-versions.html
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