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Visual Studio and .NET Framework

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Date Title, Category VersionDescription
6/9/2014 Category: NET Compiler Platform

Build code-aware C# and Visual Basic tools with the same API Microsoft uses.  This updated SDK Preview requires Visual Studio "14" CTP 1.

4/3/2014 Category: NET Compiler Platform

Feedback: The goal of this preview is to gather feedback! We want to know about any and all issues that you discover. To report a bug, please use the .NET Compiler Platform ("Roslyn") Preview Bug Form.

7/15/2013 Category: Build
1/24/2013 Category: Build

Team Foundation Server Quarterly Update 1 Patch fixes the following problems:

  • Permissions lost after upgrade and then attaching a collection. Normal users cannot access team projects in the collection the upgrade.
  • Permissions lost attaching a collection to a different server, or cloning a collection. This manifests by users seeing an empty build process template combo box.
  • Unexpected TypeId field value errors on Team Foundation Server upgrade.
6/10/2012 Category: Document

Visual Studio & .Net Framework 日本語専用サイト経由で 2010-2011年にご報告いただいたフィードバックの一覧です。ただし、アクセス制限が「非公開」のものは除外されています。


This Excel file contains customer feedback ('Public' only) submitted through the old VS Japanese site in 2010-2011.

10/12/2011 Category: Build
QFE: Dev11 Bug#: 201262: Non-ASCII From field is not encoded properly with System.Net.Mail in .NET 4.0 <<For .Net 4.0>>
9/13/2011 Category: Build

a) Who should install this patch?

  • Anyone using the visual design surface for building Windows XAML applications.

b) What scenarios does this patch address?

  • When moving or resizing elements on the design surface, changing colors, or selecting objects in the document outline, the mouse drag operation does not terminate until the user clicks somewhere on the design surface.

c) Instructions for installing the patch

  • Shutdown Visual Studio v-next
  • Unzip the attached zip file to a folder
  • Read the License agreement addendums in the License directory
  • Launch an administrator command prompt
  • Navigate to the VSPatch folder where you unzipped the contents
  • Run InstallVSPatch.bat
  • Restart Visual Studio v-next
4/26/2011 Category: Build
Editor bug in TFS Web Access
4/22/2011 Category: Build

A hotfix rollup package is available for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) in the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2) and in the Microsoft .NET Framework 4. The hotfix rollup package resolves issues that are described in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) articles:

2536618 FIX: Smsvchost.exe for the WCF service stops responding when you run a .NET Framework 4-based WCF service

2536401 FIX: Smsvchost.exe may crash when the Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service is used by a .NET Framework 4-based WCF service


Files labelled Windows6.1-KB2504602-xxx.msu apply to .Net 3.0 SP2 on Win7 RTM/WS2K8 R2 RTM. 

Files labelled Windows6.1-KB2504602-v2-xxx.msu apply to .Net 3.0 SP2 on Win7 SP1/WS2K8 R2 SP1.

4/21/2011 Category: Build
Hang when attaching UIAutomation to WPF process
4/4/2011 Category: Build
Build failed generates 'partially succeeded' message
3/30/2011 Category: Build
WPF 3.5 touch input broken with device drivers.
3/21/2011 Category: Build

Visual Studio 2010 SP1 crashes or shows the following error when attempting to view a build report on a TFS 2008 server:

"TF50316: The following name is not valid. Verify that the name does not exceed the maximum character limit, only contains valid characters, and is not a reserved name"

3/21/2011 Category: Build
QFE: VC++ 9.0 SP1: Stack packing optimization bug reusing local stack address whose lifetime is not over
2/25/2011 Category: Build
TFS QFE:  prc_DeleteUnusedContent deletes rows from tbl_File before tbl_Content and the deletes are not in a transaction. Causes orhpaned rows and DB growth.
2/22/2011 Category: Build
multithreaded MFC90 app sporadically deadlocks regression similar to KB889095/ VSWhidbey 396891
2/15/2011 Category: Build
<QFE> System.Net.HttpListener: memory leak for pinned Overlapped structures
2/9/2011 Category: Build
VS 2010: Wrong static assertion in atlcomcli.h for /J or _CHAR_UNSIGNED
1/25/2011 Category: Build
TFS 2008: Performance for Prc_ichecklockstatus is very slow
1/12/2011 Category: Build
VS 2010 QFE Request: Unable to get Datatips for the local variable
1/10/2011 Category: Build
QFE: VS2010 RTM: VC++ 10 x64 generating incorrect MOVAPD and MOVDQA instructions when MOVUPD and MOVDQU required
1/6/2011 Category: Build
QFE:DataGrid crash when applying ScaleTransform to DataGridCell
1/4/2011 Category: Build
Update operation with incorrect ETag succeeds with EF POCO classes leading to possible data corruption (Dev10#895713)
12/24/2010 Category: Build
CLR 4.0: AV in Assembly Builder causing issues
12/20/2010 Category: Build
QFE: VS2010/devenv.exe hangs randomly while building a setup project from a command line
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