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Visual Studio and .NET Framework

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A hotfix rollup package is available for Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) in the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 Service Pack 2 (SP2) and in the Microsoft .NET Framework 4. The hotfix rollup package resolves issues that are described in the following Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) articles:

2536618 FIX: Smsvchost.exe for the WCF service stops responding when you run a .NET Framework 4-based WCF service

2536401 FIX: Smsvchost.exe may crash when the Net.Tcp Port Sharing Service is used by a .NET Framework 4-based WCF service


Files labelled Windows6.1-KB2504602-xxx.msu apply to .Net 3.0 SP2 on Win7 RTM/WS2K8 R2 RTM. 

Files labelled Windows6.1-KB2504602-v2-xxx.msu apply to .Net 3.0 SP2 on Win7 SP1/WS2K8 R2 SP1.

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NDP40-KB2504602-IA64.exe 2.95 MB Download
NDP40-KB2504602-x64.exe 2.95 MB Download
NDP40-KB2504602-x86.exe 2.95 MB Download
Windows6.0-KB2504602-ia64.msu 265 KB Download
Windows6.0-KB2504602-x64.msu 371 KB Download
Windows6.0-KB2504602-x86.msu 369 KB Download
Windows6.1-KB2504602-ia64.msu 253 KB Download
Windows6.1-KB2504602-x64.msu 354 KB Download
Windows6.1-KB2504602-x86.msu 347 KB Download
Windows6.1-KB2504602-v2-ia64.msu 254 KB Download
Windows6.1-KB2504602-v2-x64.msu 352 KB Download
Windows6.1-KB2504602-v2-x86.msu 342 KB Download