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During security negotiation, if the client goes away, WCF service is terminated (timing dependent) by Roger Lipscombe


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Type: Bug
ID: 617491
Opened: 10/28/2010 4:07:18 AM
Access Restriction: Public
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Depending on timing, a WCF service can be terminated if the WCF client quits during authentication.
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Posted by Rodney Viana - MSFT - DSI Team on 6/3/2013 at 2:00 PM
This issue is also resolved for .NET 4.0 via hotfix. Please see kb 2629846 (issue 3).
For Microsoft internal discussion please refer to DEVDIV Bug 708163.
Posted by Kiryl Bat on 11/16/2012 at 12:32 AM
Hi *,

I am experiencing have the exactly the same problem. .NET 4.5 is not an option, because the software has to support WinXP.

@Microsoft: Please clarify how to solve this problem, which is mission critical our product.
Posted by Lewray123 on 8/23/2012 at 8:10 AM
No, I'm afraid not.

Still waiting to hear back from Microsoft to see if they have any more information.
Posted by Blast on 8/14/2012 at 10:44 AM
Have you gentlement found a work around for this?
Posted by Lewray123 on 8/1/2012 at 3:29 AM
I will look into updating the application to run on .NET 4.5, but I if a workaround or pattern exists which would enable me to catch and handle this exception I would rather go down that route.

Posted by Microsoft on 7/5/2012 at 9:56 AM
I have asked a few folks if there is any workaround for this. Meanwhile, have you tried this on .NET 4.5? This issue should be fixed now.
Posted by Lewray123 on 7/3/2012 at 2:41 AM
Are there any recommended methods for handling this type of exception gracefully?

At present the exception is caught at the highest level in my application (program.cs).

Posted by Microsoft on 11/8/2010 at 9:24 PM
Thank you for reporting this issue. We will consider fixing this issue in a future release.

Daniel Roth
Program Manager
Posted by Microsoft on 10/28/2010 at 4:20 AM
Thank you for your feedback, we are currently reviewing the issue you have submitted. If this issue is urgent, please contact support directly(http://support.microsoft.com)
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Posted by Rodney Viana - MSFT - DSI Team on 6/28/2013 at 1:57 PM
A little omission on the implementation of Security channel class in previous versions caused a fatal error in the IOCP callback, thus there was no way for the customer to catch this exception in their code. The error only occurs when the communication is severed during security negotiation. This code was fixed in .NET 4.5 and it was later ported to .NET 4.0 and made available in a hotfix described by KB 2629846.