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Debugger cannot display content of the std::string - "<Error reading characters of string.>" by MichalK


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Type: Bug
ID: 721456
Opened: 1/29/2012 1:44:25 PM
Access Restriction: Public
Moderator Decision: Sent to Engineering Team for consideration
User(s) can reproduce this bug


Debugger doesn't display content of std::strings, and std::wstrings. Quick watch and popup tool tips show "<Error reading characters of string.>". Rebuilding solution doesn't help.
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Posted by Microsoft on 2/1/2012 at 1:21 PM

Thanks for reporting this issue. While you weren't able to provide a repro, which usually results in a No Repro resolution, I'm resolving this as Fixed because it's almost certainly a duplicate of http://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/details/640602/vs2010-debugger-watching-std-string-with-iterator-debug-level-0-does-not-work which we have already fixed in VC11.

This bug was triggered by changing _ITERATOR_DEBUG_LEVEL (or the settings it superseded, _SECURE_SCL and _HAS_ITERATOR_DEBUGGING) from its default values. I strongly recommend against modifying this setting.

If you have any further questions, feel free to E-mail me at stl@microsoft.com .

Stephan T. Lavavej
Visual C++ Libraries Developer
Posted by MS-Moderator07 [Feedback Moderator] on 1/29/2012 at 9:23 PM
Thanks for your feedback.

We are rerouting this issue to the appropriate group within the Visual Studio Product Team for triage and resolution. These specialized experts will follow-up with your issue.
Posted by MS-Moderator01 on 1/29/2012 at 2:41 PM
Thank you for your feedback, we are currently reviewing the issue you have submitted. If this issue is urgent, please contact support directly(http://support.microsoft.com)
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