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error MSB6006: "CL.exe" exited with code -1073741819 by Paul G. Tobey



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Type: Bug
ID: 779292
Opened: 2/15/2013 7:52:42 AM
Access Restriction: Public
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As many others have done, I'm posting about this error from VS2010 SP1:

Microsoft C/C++ Compiler Driver

and the Output window error:

error MSB6006: "CL.exe" exited with code -1073741819

I've done my best to follow the various attack plans mentioned in other threads with no success. Symantec Endpoint Protection is stopped and the VS folders excluded for good measure. Precompiled header settings in the project don't affect the result. All projects including brand new wizard-generated projects result in the error. C# compilation works flawlessly.

I removed SP1 and then VS2010 using:


I reinstalled VS2010 Ultimate and SP1. The result is the same. I've captured the build log and verified that the CL command line works fine executing from VS command line, so CL does not appear to be the root cause.

The OS is Windows XP SP3.

Is there a problem with the C/C++ Compiler Driver (whatever that is)? Is this some communication mechanism between the compiler and VS? What does Microsoft suggest to address this debilitating problem? I've tried setting build options to use the v7.1 SDK with the same result.

I've tried to identify a log file to copy with this report to no avail. I've also used VS2010 to Debug CL.EXE and found that the error appears to be a jump through a null pointer.

Paul T.
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Posted by Microsoft on 2/18/2013 at 1:32 AM
Thanks for your feedback . The product team itself no longer directly accepting feedback for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and earlier products. You can get support for issues with Visual Studio 2010 and earlier by visiting one of the resources in the link below:
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VS2010 error report contents.JPG 2/15/2013 39 KB
e174_appcompat.txt 2/15/2013 165 KB
VS2010 error.JPG 2/15/2013 25 KB
VS2010 error details.JPG 2/15/2013 49 KB