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Add nameof() compile time operator to C#, revisited by arghhhhhhhhhhh


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Type: Suggestion
ID: 326900
Opened: 2/3/2008 6:04:32 AM
Access Restriction: Public


This suggestion has been brought up several times before, last time in issue 90707, but this suggestion always seem to be unfairly bashed. So why make another issue about this? Because its really really important, type safety is important! Previous issues might have been a bit fuzzy, mentioning reflection etc., so with this issue I will try to define and narrow the scope of this operator, making it 100% clear what it is we want and how you should implement it.
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Posted by Alain B-H on 12/2/2011 at 2:11 AM
Please vote on C# language user voting system:
Posted by Microsoft on 4/24/2008 at 4:43 PM
Thanks again for your suggestion. After having done feature planning for the next release of C# I regret to say that this feature is not being added. We have to do some harsh prioritization, both because of our implementation and testing resources, but also because we need to keep the number of new langauge features at a manageable level - depending on how you count, we are adding only four language features to C# this time around. Unfortunately many great suggestions just can't make it in because of that.

I apologize that this is a "canned" follow-up answer, sent out as a result of our feature planning for the next release. In most cases I or someone else already replied individually to your suggestion - please let us know if you feel it hasn't been adequately addressed.

Thanks again for taking the time to share your ideas with us. Please keep them coming!

Mads Torgersen, C# Language PM.
Posted by Microsoft on 2/4/2008 at 11:59 AM
Thanks for the suggestion for Visual Studio 2008!

We are doing our feature planning now for the next version of the C# language and will soon be investigating all of our active language suggestions. If you have any further information about this suggestion, please add a comment.

Alex Turner
Program Manager
Visual C# Compiler
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