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Type: Suggestion
ID: 814655
Opened: 1/24/2014 12:32:50 PM
Access Restriction: Public


I know you get a lot of mail over there at Microsoft, but someone probably reads each message eventually and that person ended up being you.

If possible send this to the right person for consideration, it is an app worth developing and I am busy pursuing other goals.

I will keep it brief though I have a lot more to say.

Hopefully the time is still near the 2014 CES show and you are seeing the possibilities of wearable and life-logging technology. The idea I didn't hear was this: a life-logger carbon footprint app. Hopefully with a built-in Product Breakdown Analyzer (a life-cycle analysis tool of products from a given company).

Now, this idea would be great from an environmental perspective, because it might allow people to save money and the environment by reducing waste by choosing efficiently. A common problem and result of backlash to "environment" initiatives is that they vilify consumption and associated enjoyment, and that is incompatible with a truly modern lifestyle. We live like kings, and nobody should be made to feel that simply having a TV or a fridge means they've wrecked the environment.

The goal here would be to provide information and to help quantify the effect of choices like hybrid cars or local diets. The information could be compared in all kinds of different ways: arable land used, emissions, recycling potential (content of recyclable materials), energy used in production/transport/disposal, etc. With an internet search and existing technology and the resources of a mapping program, this is possible. It is a question of determining the boundaries and specific applications of the software.

If you can encourage people's competitive spirit, or engage their boredom in an interesting way, this could be good for the world and business. If it is something that encourages the old reduce-reuse-recycle while still encouraging growth, consumption and innovation, that is something rare.

If my little company ever shows up on the index of this app, it will shine like gold because its all recycled.

So, in short, you probably aren't the right person for this. Who do I contact over there at Microsoft that would actually care? Can you send me their email?

If you make tons of money on this, will you give me some?

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