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Get My Places out of Pre-School! by gsc8111



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Type: Suggestion
ID: 933153
Opened: 7/30/2014 4:44:11 PM
Access Restriction: Public


My Places is so rudimentary that it could exist if MS-DOS was the newest programming language in existence. Firstly, why there isn't a simple check-box next to each destination that could auto save the info to MP (My Places) is beyond me. The same could be said for places that already exist on your map. Click to pull up their info and next to Directions, Website etc. add another check-box and 'Bing' that location is added to MP with all pertinent info. How about a simple add button for new MP locations? Info could be entered manually and saved, and the save process could trigger the location search.
If you really want your maps to be useable 'You need to program usability into them!' As others have suggested Categories are necessary, as well as Sub Categories. From an organizational stand point the option of Color coding everything, importance flags and personal icons should be added to the all mighty 'pushpin' repertoire.
This isn't rocket science here Guys, at least not until you start mapping homestead plots on Mars!
So please listen to your users and provide a simple drill down structure with organization options and a few auto add check-boxes to increase the ease of use of this product. Heck you could even add "Gas prices along the route when Directions are given. How many users would log on daily just to update what the gas price was when the fueled up? Okay, I know I went on a bit but 'Come on, it's put a programmer to work time!" Thanks for letting me rant.
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