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Microsoft Message Analyzer has Officially Released

Our first Message Analyzer release marks a new beginning.  Your help during the Beta has been immense.  And while we couldn’t address every single piece of feedback, and there was a lot, we continue to iterate and improve.  So don’t stop submitting bugs and being involved as we’ll continue to listen and do future Beta releases.

Remember that in order to install the release, you need to uninstall the beta, then clean up all directories listed below.  If you have made changes you want to save, please backup those directories first.

·         Documents\MessageAnalyzer – You might have traces stored here.

·         AppData\Local\Microsoft\MessageAnalyzer – Caches and OPN.

·         AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\MessageAnalyzer – You might have saved assets here.

Read more and download the official release using the link on the blog.


Message Analyzer Team

Connect forums moving to Technet

Connect forums moving to TechNet as the Connect discussion forums are being phased out.  Please use http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/messageanalyzer/threads for any further dicussion.

Must join to see Message Analyzer download

If you see this text, that means you have not joined our Message Analyzer project or are not logged into the site.  Both are requirements for accessing Message Analyzer downloads.


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