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Info and Q&A - Microsft Bing Content Search Testing

Hello everyone! We'll update this article to share any additional information or respond to questions.

Update - 10/26
Great news! We were able to increase our Wallet Card giveaway to 100! We've done the random drawing and expect an email with your code and instructions. Thanks again for participating!

Update - 10/11
We know this was a completely voluntary effort but wanted to see if there was anything we can do express our gratitude. We have 50 Wallet Cards that we will be distributing by random drawing. Wallet Cards are business cards that you can create, brand with the certification logo, and give out to your business contacts, peers, and friends! Winners will be contacted around the 3rd or 4th week of October.

Update - 10/10
We received more than 350 responses and want to thank everyone who signed up! We have started handing off information to the Bing team. They will be going through information from all the targeted technical communities and you may hear from them directly regarding this effort. Regarding last update's question about whether they can use newsgroup and forum activity, right now it is not within the current feature set's capabilities, unfortunately.

Update - 9/30
Thanks to everyone who has signed up for this effort! No news at this point on whether we can reference newsgroup/forum posts. The Bing team is looking into it and this may be announced separately in the future if it becomes possible.

Update - 9/28
Thanks everyone for the positive feedback! It's good to know the idea has promise. We did receive a question about whether there is any coverage for those who are active in newsgroups or forums. We sent that query to the Bing team and they are looking into it and I will post an update here. In the meantime, if you can include your newsgroup and handle that is probably part of what the Bing team may need later. Please remember that we do not have confirmation on whether we can reference newsgroup/form posts and so this part is just in case it is possible.