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We are changing the way we run Dynamics 365 Previews.

Launching in April 2017 we invite customers and business partners to join The Dynamics 365 Insider Program. 

The program remains committed to:

  • providing a solid platform for open and honest feedback to our Research & Development team
  • a forum to experience new features and functionality firsthand
  • a window to road test new software updates to see if it breaks customizations

So what's changing?

The onboarding and participation experience, namely:

  • previews will be offered for Dynamics 365 Online only products
  • continuous preview enrollment via "one time" registration
  • acceptance of Legal T&Cs covers multiple Dynamics 365 previews
  • advanced notice of Dynamics 365 Private Previews
  • private invitation to Skype Broadcast "Open Mic" sessions with Dynamics 365 Feature Managers
  • late Spring the Dynamics 365 Insider Program Portal on Dynamics 365.com

How to Get Started

To register for the Dynamics 365 Insider Program, we need to gather some basic information about you and your company.  Before we start Microsoft takes your privacy seriously.  To view our statement click Microsoft Privacy Statement  

Available Programs

Preview for July 2017 Update to Microsoft Dynamics 365