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Opened 9/24/2010 3:18:52 PM
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Users that consistently use more than 5 tabs *need* to have the option to put tabs on a separate row from the address bar. I've read the blog about the vertical space and UI aesthetic reasoning, but having the tabs locked onto the same horizontal bar as the address bar will make IE9 a nonstarter for a lot of tech-savvy people - your most heavy users. The common masses (e.g. our families, etc.) look to us for advice on which products to use. It'd be a shame if we have to start referring them to another browser because of this one feature change from IE8.
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Posted by Microsoft on 9/28/2010 at 2:23 PM
Thank you for your feedback. We are already tracking #11451 with the same issue.

Best regards,

The Internet Explorer Team
Posted by Jeff Yates on 9/28/2010 at 7:06 AM
I prefer the tabs to be in a separate row, and I agree it should be an option so each person can choose. It would not be bad to also have an option to have multiple rows as an option.

Dealing with the screen real estate taken up by the tabs, I notice that the tabs have a lot of vertical blank space. There height can be reduced by about 30% to 40% and still be very useful.

Posted by Relativity_17 on 9/24/2010 at 9:36 PM
Tabs simply don't work for people that open dozens of pages in a single window, and most users lie at the extremes of these two usage styles: any given person will almost certainly either have between one and six tabs opened up, or six billion gazillion. Moving the tab bar to a second row only makes people lose space. Those who use only a few tabs in a window will have excess space in the tab bar, while people who open dozens of pages will still be faced with narrow, shrunken tabs that give only a few letters of each page title. Both usage groups will also lose a bit of vertical space, while gaining nothing in terms of usability.

I've recently realized how ineffective tabs are for people who have over a dozen pages open at once, and I've found myself becoming more comfortable with QuickTabs.
Posted by AdamZLein on 9/24/2010 at 6:40 PM
I really like it this way. As you add new tabs, they resize themselves to fit or you can resize the address/search bar. Furthermore, Windows 7's Aero Peek gives you a much better interface for seeing multiple open web pages all at once, so I tend to use that much more often than tabs.
Posted by Lord Zoepaad on 9/24/2010 at 3:31 PM
Yes, tabs should have their own row. Better yet, let the user configure the way tabs are shown, either to the right side of the address bar, in their own row on the bottom of the address bar or in their own row on the top of the address bar. Let the user configure the way they want to use the browser.