IE11 PDF Issues - by Loner8402

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Opened 12/6/2013 11:36:10 AM
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With Adobe Reader and Display PDF in Browser option selected users are unable to Print, Print Options have more options that are stacked onto each other, and when closing the PDF IE crashes. This seems in existence since IE10, IE11 seems to be having the same troubles IE10 in other areas as well in terms of downloading from sites.  Only solution to this problem was to toggle Display PDF in browser off and reset IE. IE and Adobe have worked fine in the past, so it would appear IE10/11 compatibility problems with Adobe code.  When not displaying in browser Print option return to normal, so it would seem IE11 is somehow adding these options unless Adobe has a check for IE11 and then adds these options.
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Posted by Microsoft on 4/1/2014 at 3:06 PM
At this time we will go ahead and close out this feedback as no repro. If you are still able to reproduce the issue will you please reopen this bug and provide information\data previously requested.
Best regards,
The Internet Explorer Team
Posted by Microsoft on 1/29/2014 at 10:36 AM
Thank you for the follow up Loner8402 and the additional feedback. We look forward to your test results and if the issue does repro we would be very interested in the process dump.
Best regards,
The Internet Explorer Team
Posted by Loner8402 on 1/28/2014 at 10:36 AM
I am not having the problem, but I also have Acrobat Pro installed. I will try testing on another Win7 PC when I have a chance. There have been many updates since I reported this issue and a Workaround was posted after reporting this issue that may have been the fix. Although I cannot confirm this. IE11 for Windows 7 still has way too many issues from sites asking people to update from IE 5.5 to Flash incompatibilities, yet with Chrome there is no issue. When you use IE11 in Windows 8 these aren't problems or at least as many seeming to indicated IE11 wasn't go for launch with Win7.
Posted by Microsoft on 1/27/2014 at 3:25 PM
Hello Loner8402,

Thank you for providing feedback about IE. I do apologize for the crashes you have experienced and I would like to investigate the source of the crashes. We have been unsuccessful in our attempts to reproduce the issue. This could be caused by a number of environmental factors or differences in our test PC's and your PC.
If you are still able to reproduce the crash could you please download debug diag from
1)    Once installed open debug diag and select the rule type 'Crash' and click next.
2)    Under Select target type select 'A specific process' and click next
3)    In the text box next to Selected Process please enter iexplore.exe and click next
4)    Under the Advanced Configuration please just click next
5)    Lastly in the Select Dump Location please take note of the location where the dump file will be written. You can change this to another location if you wish. Click Next then Click Finish.
Once you have reproduced the crash open the folder location from step 5 above. Locate the file ending in .dmp. Please compress (zip) this .dmp file(s) and upload them to connect. If the file is larger than 50mb compressed please update this bug and I will send you a private upload link.

Thank you for your assistance in the investigation.

Best regards,
The Internet Explorer Team