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Opened 3/8/2014 12:57:18 PM
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In December 2013, I complained about major and other web sites not working and was informed that I could adjust compatibility settings to get websites to work. This worked to some degree but after using Google Chrome which seems to be universally compatibility, I completely stopped using Internet Explorer. Last night, my wife left IE11 open, and I tried to casually surf with it. From Yahoo, I immediately came to this site ( and the video did not work regardless of compatibility settings. It works in Chrome. Everything works in Chrome without compatibility changes! All websites should work without compatibility settings changes. All websites that work in competitor browsers should work in IE.  To tell people that compatibility setting changes will allow nonfunctional websites to work assumes that you can tell when a website is not working completely. If something is missing, it may not be obvious. I have been a IE user since around 2000 (used Netscape before then) and was unaware of the non compatibility issue until IE11. Now, I feel IE11 is virtually nonfunctional and use Chrome instead without any problems at all. I would say IE should be removable but I REALLY!! like where you can view a star hidden password fields (new and only available in IE11 but only if the website works) and where you can save some html pages as mht files (not available in Chrome). I would return to IE for immediate access to these features if you got IE to function better. ( If they built cars like this, people would be arrested [in China, they would be executed, good thing Microsoft is in Washington state]).  IE should serve the internet websites and users and not the other way around. We should not have to serve IE with endless compatibility setting changes and websites should not have to constantly conform to ever-changing new IE standards especially if other browsers work fine.
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Posted by Microsoft on 3/27/2014 at 2:07 PM
That is great news!

We continue to welcome more feedback!

The Internet Explorer Team
Posted by mathman10 on 3/20/2014 at 7:48 PM
At this date and time, IE11 has been automatically updated to 11.0.9600.16521 and the video of the referenced site which I have now just checked is working. I guess IE11 is a work in progress. If I don't want problems, I will use another browser unless I need to use the new visible password feature or the .mht file feature. Maybe IE11 problems are clearing up. Chrome is going to be a hard habit to break especially if I have to adjust compatibility settings in IE and just view the page in Chrome. Example: ( )        Dropdown menus (Departments, Board Meetings, Services, ect...) don't work unless site is put in the compatibility list. Chrome works fine without fanfare.

Problem is resolved with the IE11 latest update.
Posted by Microsoft on 3/15/2014 at 8:04 AM
Hello mathman10,
I apologize that you are experiencing problems with Internet Explorer.

We really want to investigate this issue but we are having difficulty reproducing the problem behavior. So my first question is have you installed the latest Internet Explorer security update? The latest update would bring your IE version to 11.0.9600.16521.    

If you are running the latest release of IE11/Flash player and you are still able to reproduce the bug you are reporting, please provide the following:
1) Build Version of IE11 & Windows OS version. Flash player version #.
2) As many details as you can about the environment that is having the issue (like connection type/applications on computer/add-ons used in IE11/
3) Can you provide us with the steps you performed to configure IE to open a new browser window. ( We want to make sure we configure our system the same way for testing)
4) Screenshots / Screen recording of the behavior would also be very helpful.
The more details you provide will allow us to "mirror" your environment in hopes of reproducing this behavior.

Thank you for your assistance in the investigation of this issue.

Best regards,
The Internet Explorer Team
Posted by vcemasko on 3/8/2014 at 2:02 PM
Greetings, mathman10,

first, sorry for my English.

Video in site work fine without any adjusting compatibility view settings (see video about it in Attachments - I made it without sound)
under Windows 8.1 [Version 6.3.9600] x64 and Internet Explorer x64 base version 11.0.9600.16384 upgraded to 11.0.9600.16518 (update version: 11.0.3).

OS/browser up to date. Flash Player version 12,0,0,70 installed.