New Ideas for IE in the future (improves bug for Pop-up blocker feature) - by Tech-Mike

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Opened 3/15/2014 12:21:49 PM
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   I just wanted to post this because I have a suggestion to improve a feature, I feel is a bug and other suggestion to improve IE overall. 

My Bug Suggestion: 

Improve "Pop-up Blocker" feature - I feel this is a bug because I have the Pop-up blocker on and it only block about 75% of all pop-ups on the Internet. I think it needs to be fix or improved in one of the future IE version updates because it doesn't work correctly and still leave users open to get 25% or less of total pop-ups on the internet that should be block but are not.

My other Suggestions:

1) Bring back classic IE look - I feel the next version of IE or a future version IE needs to bring back some classic looks to the IE program. I mean IE11 look great but I miss the classic look IE8 had at the top of IE program (where the address bar was and the search bar was). I think it be cool to the style of the IE8 address bar with either the color from IE8 , IE11 or even a different background color. I think also we should get the search bar back. I think it would be cool to have the address bar, the search bar, and then the tool icons on the side (icons on the side of the address bar on IE11) at the top of IE program.  So, it would be easy for users to have a IE program with new looks with old feature/layout from IE8.

2) History window/Forward & Backward buttons - I think the layout of the history window in IE11 is cool but I would like to know if users can have the choice of having it on the left side like in IE8. I mean I like how you can move it between the right and left side but I like to have it set to the left side and it stay on the left side.  Also I like to ask if we can bring the old forward, backward, and history down arrow icon(s) back. I think it would be cool to add classic icons/feature back to IE and I think the icon(s) from IE8 (that said/show "Forward button", "Backward button", and history icon) back. I mean the icons Back and forward icons from IE11 are ok but the ones from IE8 had a better/classic look to them (I think, atleast in my opinion) and the little History icon look cool too. Also I think to really give it a classic look, I think you should take those three icons that are after the address bar thing and keep them and put them at the end of top thing like in IE11. Those icons should also have the same things and features they had in IE11.

3) Show the Protected Mode: On or Off thing - I have noticed since IE9 no browser has shown the Protected Mode: On or Off thing at the bottom of the IE browser program like in IE8. So, I think it would be cool to bring that back to the IE browser. Since it was like a message thing or a status thing that show your browser had Protected Mode on or not. 

In conclusion,  I know these three suggestion are more like opinion suggestions than real profermence suggestion but I feel since IE9 was made. None of the newer browsers (IE9,10, and 11) have not have the classic/basic look a browser on a computer should have like IE8. I mean the lastest browser looks cool but I think it needs some new things to make it look better and more classic computer look. 


P.S. - I have a image I made that shows what I'm talking about and what my suggestion looks like combine with IE11 looks/features. To make it look like a new browser version.  (Also it not the best image to show my ideas but it the best I could do since I'm not too good with photo editors programs)  

(Update: I'm just going to show Microsoft the image only because of how bad it looks. Also Microsoft I have the last part of this post for you guys that I want only you guys to see, Thanks)
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Posted by Microsoft on 1/7/2016 at 12:19 PM
Thank you for the feedback. We have passed this along to the area owners and will take this feedback into account for a future release. Resolving as Won't Fix since this is the convention we use once feedback has been passed on to area owners.
The IE team
Posted by Microsoft on 3/24/2014 at 11:52 AM
Thank you for your feedback. We will be investigating this issue further.

Best regards,

The Internet Explorer Team