IE11 Bug - by George Gardiner

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		The product team could not reproduce this item with the description and steps provided.<br /><br />
		A more detailed explanation for the resolution of this particular item may have been provided in the comments section.

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Opened 3/18/2014 5:03:18 AM
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IE11 crashes when you try to clear more than 5 input fields.
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Posted by Microsoft on 3/27/2014 at 2:19 PM
                At this time we will go ahead and close out this feedback as no repro. If you are still able to reproduce the issue can you please reopen this bug and provide the following:
1)    IE version and build number listed in the Help|About dialogue
2)    Crash dump

Best regards,
The Internet Explorer Team
Posted by Microsoft on 3/19/2014 at 11:18 AM
Hello George Gardiner,
I do apologize for the crashes you have experienced and I would like to investigate the source of the crashes. Unfortunately, we have been unsuccessful in our attempts to reproduce the issue. This could be caused by a number of environmental factors or differences in our test PC's and the PC reproducing the behavior for you.

Below are instructions on collecting the crash dump for IE, please follow these instructions and upload a compressed/s zip file.

Please download debug diag from
1)    Once installed open debug diag and select the rule type 'Crash' and click next.
2)    Under Select target type select 'A specific process' and click next
3)    In the text box next to Selected Process please enter iexplore.exe and click next
4)    Under the Advanced Configuration please just click next
5)    Lastly in the Select Dump Location please take note of the location where the dump file will be written. You can change this to another location if you wish. Click Next then Click Finish.
Once you have reproduced the crash open the folder location from step 5 above. Locate the file ending in .dmp. Please compress (zip) this .dmp file(s) and upload them to connect.

If the dump file is larger than 50mb compressed please use the application 7Zip to create multiple volumes of compressed files. You can get the 7zip application free here!
After you have installed the application, right click on the unarchived dump file and point to 7zip>Add to Archive. This will bring the 7zip configuration window into focus. Find the pull down menu entitled ‘Split to Volumes, bytes’, click and choose the 10mg option. Hit OK and it will write multiple 10mg zip files. Upload all of them here on Connect and we will put them back together.

Thank you for your assistance in the continued investigation of this issue.
Best regards,
The Internet Explorer Team