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CSS @font-face unicode-range should be used to avoid unnecessary downloads by acdha


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Type: Bug
ID: 789754
Opened: 6/8/2013 2:25:44 PM
Access Restriction: Public
User(s) can reproduce this bug


See http://chris.improbable.org/experiments/browser/webfonts/universal-noto-sans/

http://chris.improbable.org/experiments/browser/webfonts/universal-noto-sans/all-in-one.html has multiple @font-face declarations which different font-family names and unicode-range declarations

http://chris.improbable.org/experiments/browser/webfonts/universal-noto-sans/single-name.html has multiple @font-face declarations with a single font-family name and different unicode-range declarations

In both cases, all of the referenced fonts are downloaded even when the unicode-range is not matched by text on the page
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Posted by jrossi on 12/2/2015 at 3:27 PM
Sorry for the templatized response below. :-) This is our bug tracking system. We treat feature requests independently. Here's the right place to voice your support for implementing this in Edge: https://wpdev.uservoice.com/forums/257854-microsoft-edge-developer/suggestions/6510254-unicode-range
Posted by acdha on 2/17/2015 at 8:49 AM
Can anyone comment publicly on why this was closed as "Won't Fix"?
Posted by Jake Archibald on 11/14/2014 at 6:35 AM
This optimisation has landed in Firefox Nightly https://twitter.com/simevidas/status/531688547443826688
Posted by acdha on 6/13/2014 at 4:30 PM
This optimization will ship shortly in Chrome M36: http://crbug.com/247920
Posted by Microsoft on 6/26/2013 at 2:20 PM
Thank you for your feedback. At this time we do not plan on fixing this issue.

Your feedback is helping us see the needs of our users so we can improve the quality of Internet Explorer. We continue to welcome more feedback and look forward to hearing from you again soon.

Best regards,
The Internet Explorer Team
Posted by Microsoft on 6/12/2013 at 9:13 AM
Thank you for your feedback. We will be investigating this issue further.

Best regards,

The Internet Explorer Team
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