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The following are the most common issues our customers are reporting about products on Connect. Please review the list for an answer to your question.



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Product Directory Help

In this section you will find help with Connections you are participating in or how to easily find a connection you are interested in.



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Product Help

I am unable to locate the Product in the list.

 It can be helpful to sort the list by clicking the Product column header at the top of the list. This will sort the products alphabetically.  You might also try selecting the Category on the left hand side.

I am having problems applying for a program.

If you run into problems applying for or nominating yourself for a program on http://connect.microsoft.com, please click here to report the problem.

I would like to participate in a program.

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester for a product, please go to http://connect.microsoft.com.  Select Directory in the top right corner.  To begin the application process, click on the link of the product you are interested in beta testing.

Please Note: If a program is not listed under the Program section of Product Directory, it is currently not accepting new customers.  Please check back, as new programs are frequently added.

Due to the volume of requests received, you will only be contacted if you are chosen to participate.


How do I find programs that are accepting participants?

To find programs that are accepting participants, you can browse the options listed on the Product Directory.  On this page, you can find a list of programs which are accepting, or will shortly be accepting, nominations for participation.  Signing in with your Windows LiveID will give you more options.  Find the program, and then click Apply to request to participate.  



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