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Frequently asked questions

Why was this site set up?

Our goal is to create a community around product feedback and provide you with a channel for communication with the engineering teams working on PowerShell. We want to partner with you to keep improving the product.

You can share any public bug URL with others. We have also an RSS feed for new feedback items.

What happens to bugs and suggestions once they are submitted through this site?

Each submission is initially reviewed and understood. It is then verified and evaluated against other bugs, suggestions, and features.

How long will it take for me to get a resolution?

It varies. It is greatly dependent on both the quality of the feedback (detail, clarity, and reproducibility,) as well as the stage of the product. Feedback is prioritized according to its impact and importance, then fit in with the rest of the ongoing work the team is doing. At some point, the team prepares the release, which includes all features, bug fixes, and suggestions that it was able to address up to that point. If your bug or suggestion was fixed, it will appear in the next service pack or major release. If it was not fixed, it may appear in a future release depending on its prioritization in relation to the work in that release.

What if I am stuck and need a faster turnaround on a bug?

You should contact the PSS/CSS in your country. Connect feedback submission does not provide individual QFEs or hotfixes

What do I do if I have an issue related to the Connect Site?

Please go to the Connect Help page for assistance. If you would like to learn more about the Connect site, please visit the Connect Introduction.

Can I submit feedback that can only be viewed by Microsoft?

When submitting an issue, you have the ability to mark an issue as private, so that it can only be viewed by you and Microsoft. If you try accessing an issue and you get a permission error, it's likely that the issue was marked as private.

How can I submit feedback on other technologies besides PowerShell?

We only accept feedback for Windows PowerShell through http://connect.microsoft.com/powershell. If you would like to provide feedback on other Microsoft technologies, please visit the Connect Directory.