help "about_Operators" brings up help for about_Operator_Precedence - by johndog

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Opened 10/27/2012 2:29:41 PM
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It appears that help for about_Operators and many other about topics is missing from the 3.0 release for Windows 7.
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Posted by johndog on 11/17/2012 at 12:15 PM
Thank you, this fixed it.

I was pretty sure I had run Update-Help before, but for some reason it didn't fix it previously. I recognize the error I get when I don't run as administrator, and I'm pretty sure I even remember feeling hopeful when I ran it as administrator without errors before. Baffled.

Happy that it works now in any case!
Posted by June Blender on 11/16/2012 at 11:13 AM
Hi, Johndog,

There are no help topics (other than in the Windows Management Framework 3.0 download package. To get the help topics, start Windows PowerShell with the "Run as administrator" option and then type: Update-Help

You can check for the presence of a particular help topic by looking in the locale-specific subdirectory in the Module directory. For Core modules, the help topics are in $pshome, e.g. $pshome\en-US\about*.

I just tested this on a computer running Windows 7 with WMF 3.0 and Update-Help and it seems to work.

Please run Update-Help and let me know if this is still broken.


PS C:\ps-test\ctest> get-help about_operators

    Describes the operators that are supported by Windows PowerShell.

    An operator is a language element that you can use in a command or
    expression. Windows PowerShell supports several types of operators to
    help you manipulate values.

PS C:\ps-test\ctest> get-help about_*operat*

Name                             Category Module                    Syn
----                             -------- ------                    ---
about_Arithmetic_Operators        HelpFile                            Des
about_Assignment_Operators        HelpFile                            Des
about_Comparison_Operators        HelpFile                            Des
about_Logical_Operators         HelpFile                            Des
about_Operators                 HelpFile                            Des
about_Operator_Precedence         HelpFile                            Lis
about_Type_Operators             HelpFile                            Des

PS C:\ps-test\ctest> dir $pshome\en-US\about_*oper*

    Directory: C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\en-US

Mode                LastWriteTime     Length Name
----                -------------     ------ ----
-a---         10/3/2012 6:31 PM     16442
-a---         10/3/2012 6:31 PM     22783
-a---         10/3/2012 6:31 PM     21171
-a---         10/3/2012 6:31 PM     2787
-a---         10/3/2012 6:31 PM     9111
-a---         10/3/2012 6:31 PM     6308
-a---         10/3/2012 6:31 PM     12064
-a---         10/3/2012 6:31 PM     5235