Bring back some Delimter between Examples in Help - by Gary Siepser

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Opened 10/31/2012 11:08:51 AM
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In v1 and v2, there was generous white space and the big "----------"bar between examples when viewing help.  I have seen other connect item surrounding the generous white space.  Now it seems we might have gone too far in the other direction.  There is still white space between the example code and the description text, but there is literally nothing showing between examples themselves.  Its really visually difficult to see where an example starts and ends.  I don't need the whitespace, but bring back the "-----------" or something.  Looking at examples just feels like a chore now.  Even when looking at the online versions of help, the code examples are in boxes, but even there, there isn't a whole lot of delimiting between the examples themselves.

See this snippet below from 'get-help new-cimsessoin -examples'.
Can you spot where Example 7,8, and 9 start.  Sure, if really focus, but wow, its really hidden in there, especially with the white spaces between code and description.

This set of commands gets the CIM instances of a class named Win32_Process and stores them in the variables $x and
$y. The variable $x is then formatted in a table containing only the Name and the KernelModeTime attributes, the
table set to AutoSize.
Example 7: Get CIM instances from remote computer

PS C:\> Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_ComputerSystem -ComputerName Server01,Server02

This command retrieves the CIM instances of a class named Win32_ComputerSystem from the remote computers named
Server01 and Server02.
Example 8: Getting only the key properties, instead of all properties

PS C:\> Get-CimInstance -Class Win32_Process -KeyOnly

This command retrieves only the key properties, which reduces the size of the object and network traffic.
Example 9: Getting only a subset of properties, instead of all properties

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