Bug in 'Remove-NetIPAddress' documentation (PassThru property) - by Ivan Seriavin

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Opened 1/28/2013 1:43:19 AM
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I've noticed a bug in built-in help for 'Remove-NetIPAddress' cmdlet. Currently it states the following:
"-PassThru <SwitchParameter>
        Sends items from the interactive window down the pipeline as input to other commands. By default, this cmdlet does not generate any output. This parameter is equivalent to using the Multiple value of the OutputMode parameter.

        To send items from the interactive window down the pipeline, click to select the items and then click OK. Shift-click and Ctrl-click are supported."

It looks like the description of PassThru cmdlet was mistakenly copied from the same for Out-GridView, as OutputMode does not exist in Remove-NetIPAddress. Also it is not clear what exactly would this cmdlet return in case if I use PassThru since Outputs section states none.

Description on TechNet web page is slightly different from the one that is shown in the built-in help (even after Update-Help NetTCPIP -Force) but it's still unclear what exactly will be Passed Through - NetIPAddress or the one that was piped into this cmdlet...

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