Allow aliases to bind parameters to enable function Currying - by rerun

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Opened 8/28/2013 10:42:28 AM
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I have created several powershell modules for enterprise system and the number of parameters commands need to support is always at odds with making them easy to use.  Often I find myself creating helper functions that just bind parameters to other functions.  If the new-alias command allow users to create new alias that already set some options simplified versions use cases could be provided.

An example would be if I wanted to curry get-childitem so that it searches files only 
It would be nice if I could do the following 

>Set-Alias getfiles -Value "Get-ChildItem -File"
>getfiles -r -filter foo

This can be simulated using the following idiom but the user loses all the power of the cmdlets and supporting the many possible parameter sets is unworkable.

function getfilesfn($filter = "*"){Get-ChildItem -Filter $filter}
getfilesfn get*

If we were able to curry cmdlets whole apis could be developed using aliases alone.
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