Open source the SQLPS module and publish code on GitHub - by Chrissy LeMaire

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Opened 3/6/2016 12:36:59 PM
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A number of Microsoft projects have been open sourced, including PowerShell DSC and the .NET Framework. Microsoft has even included an open source project, Pester, in Windows 10.

Members of the Microsoft development community have expressed interest in helping to development and improve SQL Server's PowerShell module, SQLPS.

Please publish the module to the PowerShell Gallery and place all SQLPS source code to GitHub so that others may contribute to and improve upon the product.
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Posted by MatticusAu on 3/28/2016 at 5:28 PM
This makes perfect sense to me too. There are even plenty of MS employees that want to help contribute and improve SQLPS as well but cannot because we are field based. I know for a fact I would be jumping into this and trying to resolve
Posted by T_Brooks on 3/9/2016 at 7:53 AM
Please move the SQLPS to Github and Powershell Gallery as soon as possible. We could all work toward improving the code and taking PS and all of it's affiliate APIs through to the mainstream.

It just makes sense.
Posted by Kirk Munro on 3/7/2016 at 4:50 AM
The SQL server modules should be handled exactly like Pester: ship the latest version in 2016 but also have it published on the PowerShell Gallery and open sourced in GitHub, and appoint someone on the SQL team to approve pull requests. You (the SQL team) obviously don't have the resources (or perhaps motivation) to address the issues in your SQL PowerShell modules, but the community certainly does. This is but one example of a Microsoft team that has modules that are stagnating as bad examples. Let the community help! There surely are no trade secrets in these modules, which wrap SQL APIs to do the work. Please make these modules open source as soon as possible so that they can progress more quickly and get the attention that they need!
Posted by Ryan Yates 90 on 3/7/2016 at 3:34 AM
The User Journey with PowerShell & SQL Server is currently very Painful for the typical admin due to SQLPS not being developed in a manner that allows the Community to add to \ amend the failing practises used within.

A number of other Core PowerShell Modules (Azure) are being brought into the Open Source World and SQLPS needs to follow suit as well.

From a PowerShell Adoption Perspective this module continually is a pain point for SQL DBA's to adopt PowerShell from my discussions with the DBA community and the simplest (and most sensible) way to drive up the adoption is to Open Source this module to allow the community to evolve this to being a fully functional and easy to use module.