Katmai Reporting Services 2008 Tablix control Repeat Column Headers does not work - by Geoff Orr

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Opened 4/10/2008 3:22:13 PM
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When creating a tablix control with Repeat Column Header set to true the Column Headers are not repeated
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Posted by Kerrie S. _ on 2/22/2012 at 6:44 AM
The report headers repeat unless otherwised specified. My work around for this is to make the field a parameter, make it Hidden, and give it a default value from dataset. So far this has worked for me. Does anyone know if this is going to become a gotcha for me? So far, so good but I am about to deliver quite a few reports to a customer and I want to make sure what I did will not come back to bite me.

Posted by kw7669 on 2/1/2012 at 2:37 PM
This worked for me. It worked perfectly. Only make the changes to that first column header. Thanks Will_SQL

Posted by Will_SQL on 3/19/2010 at 9:00 AM
Here's how to do it:

1) Select the Tablix that you want to repeat column headers for by clicking on it.
2) At the bottom of the screen, find the "Row Groups" and "Column Groups" section.
3) Click the small drop-down-arrow on the right side of that section.
4) In the "Row Groups" section, locate the top-outermost "static" row and click on it.
5) In the properties pane, you need to set the following TWO properties:
a) RepeatOnNewPage = True
b) KeepWithGroup = After

Both of these properties must be set for this to work properly. Good luck!
Posted by Alustiza on 12/20/2011 at 7:05 AM
I have read a great deal about this problem, as I have spent alomst six days trying to find a fix for the headers, and the final conclusion is the following;
It is true that if all is perfect the advanced tab of the static row will work, but there is a huge exception that is not well documented. The exception pertains to if when you were in the process of adding a grouping to the report, and then you removed the grouping without removing the related rows, Visual Studio leaves behind unused static rows, which can really screw up the repeating functionality. The unused rows can be seen in the XML, but unless you know what exactly you are looking for, it will be very hard to fix the problem without starting all over again. Due to the fact that grouping is very confusing in Visual Studio, compared to Access, which is very clear, this type of scenario is very possible. So the final answer to this is if you cannot get the headers to repeat on every page, and you have tried the static advanced route, start over again and remember if you mess up with the grouping remember to remove the related rows, if you decide to remove the grouping.
The people at microsoft really need to fix and document the reporting services of visual studio as it is the most confusing thing about visual studio, and it could be so much better. They need to talk to the developers of Access, as they know what they are doing when it comes to reporting.
Posted by Rick SA on 11/30/2011 at 4:04 PM
I strongly agree that this has not been resolved. I'm working on a report with no grouping and cannot get the column headers to repeat on subsequent pages. I have tried several of the published workarounds including selecting each and every static row group and setting various combinations of the RepeatOnNewPage, FixedData and KeepWithGroup properties and nothing has helped. In my case, setting the top level static row group to Hidden hides the headers on the first page, so you would think that setting that to RepeatOnNewPage (not hidden of course) would cause it to repeat on a new page. Is anyone at Microsoft reading this? I have wasted over 2 hours this afternoon trying to solve this! Let's think back, what version of DOS were we on when we first started repeating headers???? Isn't it fun explaining to end users why their reports can't repeat headers? Or better, tell them to export it to Excel, which I think can still repeat headers!!
Posted by Robert Heinig II on 10/13/2011 at 6:02 AM
Three and a half years later and this still is a catastrophe. Using the SSRS 2008 R2 SP1 BIDS Designer I am now used to it, zeroes my morale every time I need a multipage report, but I can get it to work. Same thing in a Forms-App hosting the ReportViewer Control using VS2010 SP1 as designer, however... Ouch. Not only did the newer designer forget how to visualize what a selected static corresponds with, but RepeatOnNewPage configurations that DO work in BIDS do not in the latter environment.
Posted by SWAPA on 3/2/2011 at 9:31 PM
It works it just needs an "easy button" so to speak. Another "easy" button that would be nice is alternate row color.
Posted by Art_Van on 9/16/2010 at 1:11 PM
The workarounds haven't worked for me. Some reports are now repeating headers and others aren't. I hate to admit this but I'm flummoxed.

Come on SSRS team, let's get it together.
Posted by Mike Honey - Manga Solutions on 7/18/2010 at 9:21 PM
In case anyone was wondering, this wasn't fixed in 2008 R2 RTM ... can someone from Microsoft please fix this in "a future future release" ? This change breaks existing 2005 reports, and the UI is totally obscure (could the Advanced Mode button be any more hidden?).
Posted by Phil Jeffrey on 6/24/2010 at 11:06 PM
OK, I had the same problem and fixed it (partially) by setting the appropriate values in the static members in advanced mode. The problem I have now is that the header rows only show on pages 1 and 3 - they do not show on Page 2. This happens when the report is printed to hard copy or exported to PDF. In Report Manager (where the report only spans two pages), the header rows appear on both pages and looks fine. I have a feeling it may be due to my report being in landscape orientation - for some reason the renderer may think physical page breaks happen every 29.7cm (length in portrait mode), so when it gets to Page 2, it's only been 21cm so it doesn't display the header. I tried changing the report to Portrait, and the headers DID appear on Page 2 - although the columns spanned two pages which is not the desired result. This report has many columns and needs to be Landscape.

Any solutions for this would be appreciated.
Posted by SSRS_DEV on 5/27/2010 at 8:24 AM
This goes hand in hand with a CONNECT suggestion I submitted per Jin from MS...

Excel Export create freeze pane on Tablix Header Row not page header Row

Posted by sarah_bear on 5/19/2010 at 4:08 AM
Thanks for the work around but come on Microsoft, sort it out so that checking the repeat headers actually does what it's supposed to. Yet another thing that worked in 2005 that has been broken in 2008!
Posted by Will_SQL on 3/19/2010 at 9:00 AM
Here's how to do it:

1) Select the Tablix that you want to repeat column headers for by clicking on it.
2) At the bottom of the screen, find the "Row Groups" and "Column Groups" section.
3) Click the small drop-down-arrow on the right side of that section.
4) In the "Row Groups" section, locate the top-outermost "static" row and click on it.
5) In the properties pane, you need to set the following TWO properties:
a) RepeatOnNewPage = True
b) KeepWithGroup = After

Both of these properties must be set for this to work properly. Good luck!
Posted by ansonee on 3/9/2010 at 7:35 PM
Oh my God...this is totally BS!!! Why is it that there are SO many things that worked just fine in SSRS 2005, but which are now completely hosed?!?!?!

This is a bug pure and simple, and the sooner Microsoft admits it and does something about it the better! Why you can't just take a plain old table and just repeat every column header on a new page without having to jump through a thousand hoops is beyond me.
Posted by Chirag Prajapati on 1/19/2010 at 6:41 AM
I am not able to use this approach of setting RepeatOnNewPage Property in Grouping Rows.
I want my grouping rows repeated on Each page.
Posted by LMThomas on 1/13/2010 at 6:41 AM
Sometimes setting RepeatOnNewPage=True and KeepWithGroup=After on the appropriate static in Advanced Mode doesn't even work.

If you merge the cells in your detail row and insert a subreport in the merged cell, the table row header will not repeat. An extra step is required to set KeepTogether=True on the subreport. That is one workaround that will cause the table header to repeat, but it may not be desired to keep the subreport together.
Posted by Divya Agrawal1 on 12/3/2009 at 11:54 PM
I had faced the similar problem while using Tablix in SSRS 2008. I had a simple table with no groups in it. I need to repeat the Row Headers on each page. I overcomed the problem by selecting the tablix, below you would be able to see the groups: Row Groups and Column Groups. Besides the Column Groups there is a small triangle. Click on it and you will be able to see the Advanced Mode Properties. If there is no group on your tablix, under the Row Groups Section, Above the Details you will be able to see a "Static" Row Section. Select that Static section and go to the Properties window.
Change three properties:
1) Fixed Data = True
2) Keep with group = After
3) Repeat on new page = True
By this you are done with the Row Headers on each page.
Posted by pabloah on 10/22/2009 at 9:45 AM
I have set the RepeatOnNewPage option but still not working... my tablix have a subreport inside that spans many pages, the rows with that property set are not added to each page.
Posted by sophiemb on 7/13/2009 at 8:28 PM
This thread here has some useful answers to the problem. It appears there is a property which can only be set in the reports code, and not using the designer. The properties in the designer either don't do anything or are very broken.

Posted by sophiemb on 7/13/2009 at 8:07 PM
It doesn't appear fixed at all for me either.
Posted by olisheba on 4/21/2009 at 1:18 PM
Resolved the issue with repeating RowHeaders. The reason for not working was split main cell in a group. When group is added to report it has one cell for header, footer, and details all together. Splitting the cell into 3 helps visualize by adding borders but prevents repeating value in the header cell on the new page. I ended up merging top(header) cell with middle(details) cell and kept bottom(footer or total) cell separated.
Posted by olisheba on 4/21/2009 at 10:22 AM
I have a related problem: can't repeat row headers on new page. I have a matrix based report. I've tried setting "Repeat header rows on each page" property on Tablix control and "KeepWithGroup/RepeatOnNewPage" Tablix Member properties for Static member in Advanced Mode. Nothing works.
Posted by Adam_Evolve on 4/7/2009 at 11:02 PM
Check out http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc627600.aspx. It worked for me.

Basically describes how to do what mmcgowa3 said. The trick is to find the "arrow". It's on the far right at the top of the Row Groups/Column Groups pane, just below the main layout pane. The next trick is to work out which "(Static)" relates to the row you want to repeat. A bit of trial and error is called for here.

I didn't have to change the KeepTogether. Just the RepeatOnNewPage property to "True".
Posted by mpmcgowan on 2/9/2009 at 12:54 PM
I have seen similar behavior. However, under the advance group options for the static rows that are my table headers, if I set RepeatOnNewPage to true, set KeepWithGroup to After, and set KeepTogether (I have a multi row header) to True. I am able to get the page headers from the table to repeat on each page.
Posted by Jamie Beidleman on 11/11/2008 at 1:42 PM
This is a HUGE bug. For a table checking "Repeat header rows on each page" does not work. I took a 2005 report with a table that has the option turned on and brought it into 2008. It worked! I compared the RDL and found the converted report has:

When I copied that tag to my new 2008 report, magically the headers are repeated on each new page. The property sheet or dialogs never put that tag in the RDL. This bug definately needs to be fixed.
Posted by Geoff Orr on 7/16/2008 at 9:22 PM
Sorry but I can't see how this is fixed. I have attached a report based on sys.columns. Show me how you get the header to come out on the second page. This should be the default condition.
Posted by Microsoft on 7/7/2008 at 11:30 AM
To get a column header area in a tablix, add a column group by dragging a field to the Column area of the grouping pane or adding a group on columns by using the context menus on the design surface.
Posted by Geoff Orr on 4/27/2008 at 3:38 PM
I'm not sure how to create this column header. A line specified above the top group is a header row normally.
Posted by Microsoft on 4/23/2008 at 11:11 PM
Thanks for providing this feedback. The Repeat row headers and repeat column header options on the tablix dialog only works if there is a row header area or column header area in your report. You can identify a row header area and column header areas by the double dashed lines that separate these areas from the body of the tablix. The attached report does not have a row header area to repeat. You can still repeat rows not in the row header area by setting the RepeatOnNewPage option on tablix members in the row hierarchy. If needed, turn on Advanced mode in the grouping pane, select the appropriate member and set the RepeatOnNewPage option using the property grid. We are looking to surface additional UI on tablix on the design surface to make this easier in a future release.