Report Builder 3.0 - Repeat header columns on each page does not work - by BDWR

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Opened 7/22/2010 10:44:34 PM
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I have a table which has column headings, and although I have set the "Repeat header columns on each page" option in Tablix Properties, the column headings only appear on the first page.

If I try to solve the problem by taking the following approach which was recommended to me,
1) Select the Property checkbox on the view menu in Report Builder 3.0.
2) In the grouping pane, make sure to turn on advanced mode (click on the small black down arrow on the far right of the grouping pane)
3) Select the corresponding static item in the row group hierarchy (this is for the header row, which I want to repeat on each page)
4) In the properties panel, set RepeatOnNewPage to true.
Report Builder 3.0 issues the following error message:
"The tablix 'Tablix1' has an invalid TablixMember. All TablixMember elements in a TablixColumnHierarchy must have the RepeatOnNewPage property set to false."

If you wish to communicate with many other people who cannot get Report Builder 3.0 to repeat column headers on new pages, please visit the following URL:

Many thanks.
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Posted by SACSgtMike on 4/28/2014 at 5:49 AM
See this URL on the Workarounds tab: . This fixes the issue completely, at least for me.

I agree that this isn't exactly user-friendly software nor is it really that intuitive. Microsoft bought it, they didn't write it. I agree it could be improved greatly and express concern that when someone challenges, as in the Description above and gets no answer, this isn't the best approach. :) The surest sign software has a bug that a blog poster is exposed is ... no further comments on the issue no matter who demands more info or help. :)

Hopefully when 4.0 comes out it's greatly streamlined. This all being said, the above URL adds setting Fixed Data to True, which was apparently what I was missing.
Posted by Sanjay Khot on 4/10/2014 at 5:41 AM
Hi all,

1. First of all select your Group row and Insert Row Inside Group above for Header row, Add headers
2. Check Advanced Mode for Grouping panel is ON.
3. You will find Static Rows in Row Group section.
4. Select first child static of your group, here you will find header row first column is selected.
5. Now set the Repeat On New Page property = True from property Panel

And you are done.

Sanjay Khot
Posted by Microsoft on 10/15/2011 at 11:31 PM
Thanks for providing this feedback. There are certainly some difficulties in using this feature currently which have been reported by you and other customers. We will be looking to make repeat headers easier to use in a future release.
Posted by BDWR on 7/30/2010 at 12:50 AM
As the URL that I provided above ( contains the comments of many dissatisfied users of Report Builder 3.0 on header problems, I thought that someone on the Microsoft product team might like to comment or provide a workaround.

Is there a Microsoft product team member who wishes to comment or provide a workaround?

Many thanks.