Adding FILESTREAM file to database hangs machine running anti-virus - by Dave Wentzel (live)

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Opened 9/9/2010 11:54:47 AM
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We install SQL Express on various OSs.  We enable filestream for TSQL access using the installer when we can (or via filestream_enable.vbs).  We then confirm we have RsFXVersion 0103 active using filestream_enable.vbs...we had problems with 0102.  Then run sp_configure filestream_access_level, 1.  Then ALTER DATABASE whatever ADD FILEGROUP [BLOB] CONTAINS FILESTREAM; then ALTER DATABASE whatever ADD FILE ( NAME = N'BLOB', FILENAME = N'whatever' ) TO FILEGROUP [BLOB].  On most machines this works just fine, but occasionally it simply hangs the machine on the ADD FILE.  The machine is totally hung, can't do anything but cycle power, which is similar to this (

I originally submitted this ( when it appeared to be related to webroot being installed and figured it was a one-off situation.  Since then it also appears to be Kaspersky A/V as well.  Same symptoms, same result.  I started doing more methodical testing and it does seem AV-related.  

I determined this by running wmic /NAMESPACE:\\root\securitycenter PATH AntiVirusProduct (or the equivalent command which is different for each OS).  This happens on every OS and is reproducible.  

Repro steps:
1)Install Kaspersky or webrootr Client Security 3.5
2)run wmic command above and ensure onAccessScanningEnabled = TRUE
3)Run SQL steps outlined above and machine will hang.  
4)Disable scanning (verify with wmic), follow SQL steps, and note machine *STILL* hangs.  
5)Totally uninstall SQL Server and reinstall with scanning disabled and it *STILL* hangs.
6)Totally uninstall SQL Server *and* totally uninstall A/V and reinstall sql and it works.  

Seems ridiculous to me that disabling scanning still means a hang.  Is there anything you guys can do/recommend to avoid the hang at a minimum or, better yet, get filestream to work without a total reinstall?

Since the machines are always totally hung I can't even look at processmon/filemon.  No logs, nothing in Profiler, eventvwr, debug files, whatever.  I have no clue how to proceed (except Step 6 above).  Is this a bug in RsFx?  An overly-aggressive A/V vendor?  Something else?  

Thanks much,
Dave Wentzel

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Posted by Microsoft on 1/10/2011 at 10:56 AM
We are planning to release hot fixes for this issue, on SQL 2008 and SQL 2008R2. The next major release will certailny contain the fix as well.

Posted by bala_n on 1/6/2011 at 4:40 PM
Dear Microsoft, Could you advice the fix for this issue. Is this a SP release or SQL 2011. Appreciate as some business decisions are pending...
Posted by NickCook_AceCad on 12/10/2010 at 12:54 AM
We also have 4 customers now that have the same problem where the machines completely lock up. They do all have anti-virus installed and we have tried disabling the anti-virus software but the machines still hang. I will try and completely un-install the anti-virus software but this will not be an acceptable work around for all our customers that experience the problem. Are you planning on releasing a Hot Fix for this or do we have to wait until the next release of SQL server? If so do you mean SQL 2011?
Posted by Microsoft on 12/2/2010 at 2:37 PM
Hi Dave,
Thanks for reporting this issue with FILESTREAM and anti-virus. We have fixed this issue in the next release of SQL server. We appreciate your feedback and help in identifying the problem.

SQL Server
Posted by Microsoft on 9/28/2010 at 12:38 PM
Hi Dave,
Thanks for reporting this issue about FILESTREAM behaviour with Anti-virus. We are currently actively looking into this.

SQL Server