The Activity Monitor is unable to execute queries against server SERVER. - by Cornan The Iowan

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Opened 9/16/2010 9:39:48 AM
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I am seeing the same sympton as this link:

but in my case there is no clustered server involved.
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Posted by Forrestsjs on 7/8/2011 at 12:02 PM
This seems to exist on 2008 to 2008 still in some cases. Activity monitor works from SSMS on all machines when running SSMS locally. It is able to monitor, but the graphs do not work, and I get the error message above.

All my machines are 64 bit running 2008 R2, but I do have a discrepancy.

From a SSMS client on 64bit 2008R2 v10.50.1746 installed from Datacenter Edition, I can use Activity monitor against remote machines of the same version(2008 R2x64 DE CU4), but not against my 2008 R2x64 EE 10.50.1777(CU7) targets. Activty monitor works, but the graphs do not, and I get the error.

I started moving everything to Enteprisee Edition, on my actual sql servers, and I applied CU7, so I am running 2008 EE R2x64 10.50.1777. If I open SSMS locally, Activity monitor does work with no error, but even if I try to use the same client version to the same remote target version (10.50.1777), I get the error about it not being able to acces the process so the graphs never work.

My account is both SA and is in a group which is in the remote performance monitors goup. Perf mon on the target does show the SQL counters.

Now with client and remote target with both CU7 EE, I was able to see it work remotely. It works one way but not the other. The difference between the two is that one runs with a sql service account that exists in the group with perms on the other, and with the client that does not work, its service account is less privileged so is not in SA on the remote machine. I do not understand what the service account has to do with this, but I think that is the root of the issue for me at least. My central mgmt server with a privileged service acct that is a member of a group that is sa on the target, it does work going out. It shouldn't matter because my personal account is SA on all machines so I do not understand what the service account has to do with this.

All of my CU7 machines are deployed from the same template so I know they are essentially identical installs. The only difference seems to be the remote privileges of the sql service acct running locally.
Posted by Microsoft on 6/23/2011 at 10:15 AM

We took a look at this bug along with several others recently. Unfortunately, triaging it against other critical bugs, I do not think we would get to investigating this in the near future. However, we have taken note of this internally, and when we revisit this functionality in the future, we will try and get this resolved.

Thanks for writing in to Microsoft.

Posted by Linda Wski - SQL DBA on 5/20/2011 at 6:14 AM
When Activity monitor says it is unable to execute queries against your server on a Windows 2008 server then this means you need to go to Windows performance monitor. Expand the Data Collection Sets, then click on each System Diagnostic and System Performance. If the arrow just below the menu is green you can click on the error to start the paused counters. When I did this, I then refreshed my connection to my sql instance and activity monitor started collecting counters again.