Reporting services 2008 - Default values for parameters are not updated on server - by Milan Erić

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Opened 11/2/2010 5:44:33 AM
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I have uploaded report to report server, with default value for some parameters.

After some time, I have changed default value for some of the parameters, and added some new parameters. 
New parameters were added to server, but old ones, still had initial values. When I download report from server, and run it locally, default values are updated, but when I run it from server, values are still from initial upload.

What this means is, that every time we change parameter value, we must first remove existing report from server, and than upload it again.
Or manually change default value on server
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Posted by _Sherman_ on 9/26/2012 at 2:48 PM
I have to say the rational described is not a sensible one. I would imagine in most environments, Report Admins are really Server Admins who are more concerned with the more administrative maintenance and health of the server and are not too concerned about individual reports. The parameter values would be set by developers who are making changes based on business requirements. Requiring an Admin to make parameter changes to reports, on a report-by-report basis, is only adding an unnecessary step in the deployment process. Especially one that would have to be repeated, in most cases, in at least three separate environments. Microsoft should really re-visit this approach given the cost and the lack of any real benefit.
Posted by Microsoft on 2/15/2012 at 11:42 AM
Thanks for the detailed repro steps. This behavior is currently by design to allow separate management of the report definition by report developers, and the active parameter/data source settings by the report server administrators.

Report Builder is focused on a different scenario where a business user is directly authoring and managing the report on the server, without the involvement of others. As a result, it has extra logic to update parameter, data source, and other information whenever it saves reports to the report server. This logic is not present when simply uploading an RDL file or publishing it via the report server APIs.

Other customers have expressed interest in providing this behavior in other scenarios as well, and it is something we will consider adding in a future release.

Hope this helps!

Bob Meyers
SQL Server Reporting Services
Posted by Milan Erić on 4/13/2011 at 11:52 PM
These are steps to reproduce this:

1. Create report with parameter A, default value A
2. Save it to report server
3. Change default value of parameter A to B, and save file locally
4. Open report on report server, chose "replace" option and upload file from local path.

Value of parameter A will be unchanged!!

If you save report directly from report builder to report server, parameter value is changed, but not when using report server command.

Also when we are trying to mass upload our reports, we are using RS web service (ReportService2005.asmx) and with it parameters are not updated.

So saving with RB is working, but it is not solution for mass upload
Posted by Microsoft on 4/13/2011 at 8:34 AM
I tested this on SQL Server 2008 R2 Reporting Services and was unable to reproduce the issue. If the user is using Report Builder 3.0, this issue should not occur because Report Builder 3.0 explicitly sets the parameter default values. My test confirmed this behavior.

When testing, I noticed that a browser refresh issue could lead to the value being unintentionally reset to a previous value. The user presses F5 (refresh) on their browser when managing report parameters in Report Manager. If the user has just set a default value in RM, then set it again in RB to a different value (and saved the report), then if the user refreshes the Report Manager browser window, the browser (IE) will ask, "To display the webpage again, the web browser neds to resend the information you've previously submitted" would you like to re submit the request." If the user clicks "Retry" to the prompt the value orginally set in Report manager will be re-applied. This can lead to the confusion described.

The browser is behaving correctly - it is resumiting the 'update report parameter' request as per the user's instructions. The Report Manager is also behaving correctly - it is accepting the request since it is valid.

Pressing "Cancel" when prompte does not update the content of the page, so the value shown will remain as the last value entered in Report Manager.

So the solution is to navigate to another page (like the subscriptions page) and then navigate back to the Parameters page.

Hope this helps,
Posted by Guus Endeveld on 12/6/2010 at 4:16 AM
The same behaviour occurs in Dynamics CRM 4: a change in the default value of a report parameter is not reflected after upload. Only after deleting the report (.rdl) and uploading again.