Find and Replace couldn't find the search text within a project in SSMS 2008/2008R2 - by Alex Feng (SQL)

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Status Closed Workarounds
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Opened 11/2/2010 8:32:45 PM
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I open Find and Replace (Ctrl+F), and set the look in to current project, the below is the testing reuslt.
If no file is opened or filed opened does not include search text in the SSMS, and click Find Next, it will open all files in the SSMS and report the search test is not found; if you click Find Next again, it will find the search text one by one.

If there are any files includes search text opened in the SSMS, and click Find Next, it will find the search text one by one among all opened files. If you click Find Next again, it will open all other unopened files in the project and report the search text is not found and click Find Next, it will find the search text one by one among new opened files.

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Posted by Microsoft on 11/19/2010 at 9:31 PM
Hi Patrick

Greetings from the SQL Server Manageability team.

Thanks for writing in to Microsoft. We greatly value your feedback. We understand your problem, and how fixing this could improve productivity.

However, given that there is a work around for this issue (clicking on find one more time) and that the Project System has been announced as deprecated (as of SQL Server 2008 - see: ), we do not think, we would be able to get to this in the near future.

Having said that, we value your suggestions, and would like to assure you that, we would keep these ideas in mind, when we do decide to revisit this feature in the future.

Thanks again for providing feedback and making SQL Server the greatest Database server.



Posted by P Jackman on 11/2/2010 at 9:12 PM
I would expect a Find and Replace in SSMS to work like find and replace in most other Microsoft products: click Find Next and it finds the next occurrence of the search criteria.

A further observation on the behavior: with no files open, enter a search string in Find What, Look in Current Project, and click Find Next. SSMS appears to search through all files in Solution Explorer in alphabetical order. It will open the first file containing the search string and every subsequent file in the list until it reaches the end of the list. At that point it will report "text was not found". Click Find Next again and it will return the first file that it opened and highlight the search string. If you are searching for a string that appears in the file at the top of your Solution Explorer list you must wait until SSMS opens all files in the project and reports nothing found before you can click Find Next and get to where you are trying to locate. This is very annoying when your project contains many files.

I don't recall this being a problem when SQL Server 2008 first shipped.