Cleanup Error Messages - by Isaac K. Kunen

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Opened 3/8/2011 8:15:05 AM
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Hi Folks,

This item groups together a number of error message cleanup items, some public, some internal. The public items it included at creation time are listed below; together they represent 169 votes.

** These items will be closed out. Internally, they are being marked as duplicates of this item, will continue to be tracked, and will be treated with high priority---I'm not (yet) sure how this will be reflected in Connect. **

ID	Title
124627	Schema not reported in the ERROR_PROCEDURE function
125347	Improved error message when you try to put too large a value in a column
219399	Improve error messages with missing semi-colons
292840	MSIT: EDW - Improve parer error when BEGIN TRY lacks corresponding END TRY/BEGIN CATCH/END CATCH (the current error sends user down the wrong path)
296803	Correct message 15335 so that bad grammar is not possible
312140	Non descriptive error in query editor of SSMS
320982	Improve warning message for implicit cursor conversion WITH TYPE_WARNING
340500	Better error message for incorrect function call syntax
345090	Improve error message for table types and foreign keys
350772	Dependency Dynamic Management View returns 207 Invalid Column Name messages in Results
360481	Remove the error message: "'Inline XSD for FOR XML EXPLICIT' is not yet implemented."
361793	UDF Incorrect Errors Generated (Syntax, Missing BOL, Fails to execute scenarios)
362194	Change or remove message 1061 from sys.messages
388231	MSFT - Maddog: Arithmetic overflow error should link properly in SSMS
411154	More helpfull error message when login trigger fails.
486119	sp_refreshview error messages
525308	All error messages that include object name need to also include schema name

-Isaac Kunen (SQL Server)
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Posted by Microsoft on 3/17/2011 at 10:14 AM
Dear Mr. Kunen,

You submitted this Suggestion through the official Microsoft Connect System. Upon receipt it was collated by our gerbil-powered Analytical Engine before being printed to our state of the art IBM 1403 line printer. This output was then routed by our team of trained lemurs, who hand (or foot) carried it to my desk, where they delicately slipped it under the other items in my “In” pile, thus maintaining the pile’s rigorous FIFO ordering.

After methodically working my way through the preceding items in my queue, I reached your suggestion. I verified the watermark—thus ensuring that it was truly an official Connect Suggestion—and then set about thoroughly reviewing it. My investigations, both technical and extispicious, revealed that it was indeed a “Good Suggestion”, and so I indicated such, provided my endorsement, and placed it in my “Out” pile.

By the time you receive this response, our trained lemurs will have routed this it back to our central Connect System Processing Center, where it was encoded into punched tape, fed into our Analytical Engine, and, through some magic I have not yet discerned, posted to the series of tubes some call the “Internet”.

Thank you for your suggestion.

Mr. Isaac K. Kunen.