ODBC Connection Manager does not have same funcitonality as OLE DB [SSIS] - by Jamie Thomson

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Opened 3/8/2012 6:08:08 AM
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In line with the advice that we should be using ODBC rather than OLE DB (http://blogs.msdn.com/b/sqlnativeclient/archive/2011/08/29/microsoft-is-aligning-with-odbc-for-native-relational-data-access.aspx) I just began a new project and added a new ODBC Connection Manager. My SQL statement was:

SELECT SomeColumn FROM [SomeSchema].[SomeFunction](?)

and inserting the results into an Object variable. It failed with error:
"Disconnected recordsets are not available from ODBC connections."

This was discovered in Denali RC0
I switched to using an OLE DB Connection Manager (which, by the way, required me to change my parameter name in the Parameter Mapping tab from 1 to 0 - very odd) and everything worked fine.

I presume from this that ODBC Connection Managers don't work properly with SSIS and we should continue to use OLE DB (contravening the advice on the blog post linked to above).
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Posted by Microsoft on 11/19/2015 at 1:52 AM
Thank you for submitting this feedback. After carefully evaluating all of the bugs in our pipeline, we are closing bugs that we will not fix in the current or future versions of SSIS. The reasons for closing these bugs are following:
1.     The fix is risky to implement in the current version of the product
2.     Scenarios reported in the bug are not common enough
3.     A viable workaround is available.

If the issue is a critical business interruption, please call CSS (Customer Support Services).

Thanks again for reporting the product issue and continued support in improving our product.
Posted by jljohnson in Wisconsin on 10/9/2015 at 9:26 AM
Has there been any progress on this? Or should we continue to use OLE DB connections with SSIS in VS2010 and VS2012?
Posted by Microsoft on 7/11/2012 at 9:01 PM
Hi Jamie,

Thank you for your feedback. We are actively looking at the issue and will keep you updated.