Data Sync failure in the Azure Management portal - by Robin_Thomas_UST

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Opened 9/30/2013 1:25:29 AM
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On creation of the new data sync on 19th Sept 2013 the objects needed for the sync rule is not listed after the database refresh and the creation of Data Sync was not successful.
3.	Chronology of Events
6:00 PM IST - Thursday Sept 19
First attempt to create the sync on eViper CA1 Database (eViperSKIMCA1) was failed issue reported by Robin Thomas.

5:02 PM IST - Friday Sept 20
Repeated attempt was failed also noted that the syncs already created before to that also is not listing the objects to set a new rule .Issue reported by Vinu Moncey

11:07 AM IST – Monday Sept 23
1)	Repeated attempt failed for the eViper CA1 Database with ~ 150 tables. 
2)	Tried to do the same operation on a dummy database with ~50 tables which was successful

Manual creation of Data sync using the Azure Management Portal.
Steps followed to create the Data Sync as mentioned by Microsoft portal.
Step 1. Log on to Management Portal.
Step 2. Click SQL DATABASES.
Step 3. Click the SYNC tab.
Step 4. Click the name of this sync group.
Step 5. Click the SYNC RULES tab.
Step 6. Select the database you want to provide the sync group schema.
Step 7. Click the right-arrow.
Step 9. For each table in the database, select the columns to include in the synchronizations. 
   Columns with unsupported data types cannot be selected.
   If no columns in a table are selected, the table is not included in the sync group.
   To select/unselect all the tables, click SELECT at the bottom of the screen.

Step 10. Click SAVE and then wait for the sync group to finish provisioning.
Step 11. To return to the Data Sync landing page, click the back-arrow in the upper left of the     screen

Repeated attempt failed to create the Data Sync on the eViper Databases where the table object count is ~150. The Data Sync wizard on the portal was not listing all the tables after the Step 8 on the above section.  But the same is successful on the Database with lesser number (~50) of table. 

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