Report Model Deprecation: Bring it back, it's a big hole - by bnurick

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Opened 10/3/2013 7:46:58 AM
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As a current user of Business Objects, we have begun a migration over to SharePoint 2013/Excel 2013/Report Builder 2012.

We have come across a major hole in the overall implementation, and that is the removal of Report Model creation via BIDS.  As an example, there are many databases that have missing or altered table relationships, poor naming conventions, and require a Semantic Model in between those DB tables and the user.

Report Builder is a really good end user reporting tool for those in Operationa/Tactical areas that need to provide this type of reporting.  Currently, Business Objects allows us to bridge this gap via Universes and provide the User Interface similiar to Report Builder.  Report Models allow us to mimic this functionality, which ultimtely allows us to remove BO from our environment and support an MS-only stack.

Now that these are going to go away (even though then will run in 2012 runtime), I do not have a solve in the MS stack and thus am forced to make a decision:
1) Stick with BO
2) Keep an installation of BIDS 2008 around to create models, even though it is no longer supported

I do not want to hear "go tabular".   This doesn't solve the problem for those that have relied on models and need to convert, and does not solve the problem for those that are not jumping into tabular quite yet due to infrastructure limitations.  Further, a partner was on site and tabular couldn't fill the gap anyway, still.

So, I urge MS to reconsider this, since it is indeed a valuable feature.   Our partner wanted to use us as a Case Study of replacing BO with MS.  I would still like that to happen.  Not the reverse!!
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Posted by Microsoft on 6/4/2014 at 4:19 PM
Thank you for submitting this feedback. After carefully evaluating all of the suggestion items in our pipeline, we are closing items that we will not implement in the near future due to current higher priority items. We will re-evaluate the closed suggestions again in the future based on the product roadmap.
Thanks again for providing the product suggestion and continued support for our product.
Matt Jones
SSRS Tiger Dev Team