Access to STATS TIME & STATS IO from my query - by Jamie Thomson

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Opened 2/24/2014 9:41:28 AM
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I recently was doing some performance testing work where I was evaluating the affect of changing various settings on a particular query. I would have liked to simply run my query inside a couple of nested loops in order to test all permutations but I could not do that because every time I executed the query I had to pause so I could retrieve the stats returned from STATISTICS IO & STATISTCS TIME and manually copy and paste (yes, copy and paste) the information into a spreadsheet.

This feels pretty dumb in this day and age. Why can we not simply have access to that same information within my query? After all, we have @@ROWCOUNT, ERROR_MESSAGE(), ERROR_NUMBER() etc... that provide very useful information about the previously executed statement, how about @@STATISTICS for returning all the IO & timing info? We can parse the text returned by that function to get all the info we need.
Better still, provide individual functions e.g.:
(yes, I know that there will be multiple IO stats where there are multiple tables involved - cut me some slack and see the bigger picture.)

[If you downvote this (as someone has) please do say why.]
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