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What Does the Status of My Feedback Mean?

Ever wonder what the resolution of your Connect bug or your UserVoice suggestion means? Take a look at the following definitions to understand what the product team is communicating to you.

Connect Bug Status Definitions

 Status  Definition
 Active Issue is open for consideration by the product team.
 Closed Issue is no longer active. It has been reviewed by the product team and appropriate action has been taken.

 Connect Bug Resolution Definitions

 Resolution  Definition
 By Design The behavior described in the bug has been verified and the product team has confirmed that the behavior is expected. There may be a workaround listed on the Workarounds tab of the bug.
 Copied to Backlog The team will consider this issue for a future release.
 Duplicate This bug is a duplicate of another bug that has already been submitted.
 External This bug belongs to another product and/or feedback forum.
 Fixed This issue has been fixed. You will be notified when it is released publicly.
 Not Reproducible The product team is not able to reproduce the issue reported.
 Won't Fix We have confirmed the behavior reported, but the product team will not be fixing it. There may be a workaround listed on the Workarounds tab of the bug.

UserVoice Status Definitions

 Status  Definition
 Under Review The product team is considering this suggestion for a future release.
 Planned The product team has considerd the idea or suggestions for a future release and is planning on making it available. However, there is still no commitment to make it available based on the business decisions made at Microsoft.
 Started When the feature team has accepted the idea and has started working on it. However, there are no commitments to making it available.
 Completed The product team has implemented this suggestion.
 Declined The team has considered this suggestion but will not be implementing it.
 Archived The product team is not able to address this in an upcoming release, but would like to consider this for future consideration.
 Moved This idea was moved to another UserVoice site maintained by another business group at Microsoft.
 Closed This suggestion didn't receive enough votes in time to be reviewed